Reasons Why Liquid Vitamins Are Better Compared To Pills

Vitamins are proven to help promote health and wellness because more people are not getting the right amount of nutrients in their diet. When evaluating the best vitamin supplements, you have to choose a vitamin wisely because they come in various forms, like pills, powders, and liquids. It’s important to consider how you would like to take them and how they’ll work in your body.

Liquid vitamins tend to work faster, so they’re more preferred than pills. Aside from the increased absorption rate of liquid vitamins, there are plenty of other reasons why they’re better compared to pills. Continue reading below to find out more.

Promote Better Synergistic Formula

With liquid vitamins, powerful nutrients work together so your body can benefit from the combined effects of the vitamins. As compared to pills, tablets, capsules, or chewable, incorporating different ingredients from herbal and food sources are a lot easier with liquid vitamins.

With a better synergistic formula of liquid vitamins, you’ll have a more potent and effective vitamin supplement to help you get the right type and amount of nutrients. That’s why you’ll feel more energized and alert.

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Absorbed by the Body Faster

According to clinical data by the Physician’s Desk Reference, about 85 to 90 percent of nutrients found in liquid vitamin supplements are easily absorbed in just 22 to 30 seconds. On the other hand, pills usually take hours to be absorbed by the body, and only about 10 to 20 percent of the nutrients in solid drug forms are absorbed.

Here are the other good-to-know facts about liquid vitamin absorption:

  • The National Advisory Board states that 100 milligrams of tablet vitamins translate only into 8.3 milligrams or 8.3 percent of blood concentration.
  • There’s also a pilot study that evaluates the absorption and bioavailability rates of vitamin B-12 preparations in human subjects. The absorption rate is significantly higher in liquid vitamins compared to solid form.
  • In emergency rooms and patient care or ward, liquid medicine is preferred because of the immediate benefits. Liquid vitamins are more fast-acting and powerful than pills and other solid forms.

Convenient to Take

Children have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets. As a result, liquid vitamins are highly recommended. While chewable preparations are fun to take because they taste like candy, the chemical flavor enhancer means added sugar and higher calories, which are not good for the health. Also, vitamin chewable is bad for the teeth.

On the other hand, liquid vitamins are easy to swallow. Even seniors or the elderly population can greatly benefit from the convenience of taking liquid vitamins. While soft gels are now available for the easier adult intake of vitamins, seniors usually need a handful of medicines to take every day. That’s why liquid preparations are better and well-tolerated.

Many adults find it overwhelming to take several pills or capsules every after a meal, twice or even thrice a day. Just imagine taking a tablet for your hypertension, a capsule for diabetes, and another solid preparation for arthritis. In this case, medication intake seems to be a real pain.

Instead, remove the burden of taking vitamins by consuming them in liquid form.

Bring Immediate Effects

Always remember that a vitamin’s efficacy doesn’t necessarily depend on when it reaches your stomach. However, the absorption rate is highly affected by the form.

Because the absorption rate relies on the compound’s physical chemistry, liquid vitamins are absorbed at a faster rate as compared to solid pill form. It means that the body starts absorbing liquid vitamins even before they reach your stomach.

With liquid vitamins, your gastrointestinal (GI) tract doesn’t have to work that hard to break down and process the vitamins. That’s why if you need to benefit from the immediate effects of vitamins, taking liquid vitamins are highly recommended.

Come in the Purest Form

Liquid vitamins have higher bioavailability because they can be broken down easily and used by the body. Pills and capsules are harder to break down because of the bonding agents, fillers, and stabilizers used to give them form. Also, you don’t know if these additives are synthetic or plant-derived.

On the other hand, liquid vitamins come in the purest form, which is usually plant-based without too many additives or physical components.


Liquid vitamins are easily digested, which provide immediate body use. When it comes to swallowing, liquid vitamins have a greater advantage, and so as with optimization and absorption rates. Lastly, as compared to pills and capsules, liquid vitamins are quickly and completely absorbed.