Little Things (That Actually Matters) To Please A Woman

Women are detail-oriented versions of human beings, which means it’s all about the little things. Pleasing a woman doesn’t have to be extravagant – although that works, too- but a simple gesture that shows you care about her happiness can go a long way. And remember, a happy woman will make your life a whole lot brighter. 

Here are a few little things that will make a huge difference when pleasing a woman: 

Make an effort into pleasing her sexually

Many women have never experienced orgasms. Men don’t take instructions in the bed so well, especially when it indicates they’re not getting the job done correctly. That’s why most women tend to fake their orgasms and end up using a vibrator instead to get the pleasure they seek. So how about inducing that pleasure without feeling inadequate?

According to, one of the ultimate sources of pleasure a woman can experience is wearing a long-distance vibrator with the remote control at your disposal. Having a remote vibrator inside her and surrendering her pleasure to your impulses is not only erotic, but will spice up your sex life immensely, making her feel that you really care about pleasing her. 

Make her feel she’s always on your mind 

When it comes to pleasing a woman, it doesn’t always have to revolve around sex. A woman can be on cloud number 9 just because you make her feel that she’s always on your mind. Whether it’s finding the time to send a text when you’re super busy just to tell her you miss her, making her breakfast or remembering to run an errand for her, making a woman feel that she is a priority in your life and that you genuinely care about making her happy will brighten up her day and make her radiate with happiness. 

Taking on household chores to give her a break 

Household chores aren’t supposed to be a woman’s responsibility, but because men are the masters of procrastination, a woman tends to do the chores anyway or else they just won’t get done. When a woman feels that her man is always keen on taking a load off her shoulders and doing the chores instead, the amount of pleasure she experiences is greater than anything else.

Not only because of the care and thoughtfulness of such an act, but also because chores absolutely suck! If you want to make a woman happy, make sure you appreciate her efforts and offer a helping hand to make her feel like a princess

Consulting her before making life-decisions 

Knowing that her opinion is not only valued, but also the one with the most weight is something that will make a woman’s heart absolutely melt. Taking her advice before you make an important life decision that could affect her, will show her how much she means to you and that it is important to have her support as well as view her perspective on matters to make sure you’re reaching the best decision together. Doing this is a way to show her how much you trust her and need her presence in your life. 

Compromising even when you don’t want to

When it comes to a relationship, women are always right. The sooner you wrap your head around that, the healthier your relationship will be. That being said, a woman will really appreciate you making compromises for her sake, especially when she knows how much you don’t want to.

Things like saying you’re sorry even if you didn’t do anything wrong, missing a football match to go have lunch with her parents or just having lunch with her parents when you’d rather die will add numerous points for you and will not go unnoticed. The price you pay will be worth it when you realize how happy these little things made her. 

Keeping mementos to remind you of the special moments that you’ve shared

Remembering the first time, you both kissed and keeping a memento from that special place, a napkin from your first date or collecting all the movie tickets you’ve been together will show her how much the time being spent with her is valued and that the little details matter to you, too. 

A woman’s heart has the power to grow the more it’s cared for, loved and appreciated. Making sure that she’s happy and trying to please her doesn’t have to be extravagant, but the little things are enough to make her heart melt, her face glow and her smile glued to her face as the happiness shines from within her. Making her happy will make her focus all her efforts in making you happy in return.