How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work For You

After months, maybe even years of searching and plenty of heartbreak, you have finally found the one you want to hold on to forever. You love them, and they love you. You are incredibly happy together. There is just one little fly in the ointment.

You are separated by hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles of land or ocean.

No matter how much you love one another, no matter how happy you are, there is more than likely a significant part of you questioning whether it will work, whether your relationship can survive despite the distance.

According to research by Google,  of the top searches in 2017, “How to make long-distance relationships work ?” was the most-asked question about relationships. (  

Well, it can. That’s for sure. There will be many, many challenges along the way, such as going through the applications for a spouse visa extension in the future if you are from different countries but rest assured that long-distance relationships can and do succeed.

Here are some tips to help you and your loved one.


Communication is key to the success of any relationship, but even more so when you are in a long-distance relationship. However, you also need to be in control and be happy with your level of communication.

These days, thanks to the wonderful invention that is the internet, we pretty much have round-the-clock access to each other. Of course, this is an amazing thing if you live far apart, even in different time zones, as phone calls and messages and video calls can take place any time of the day or night.

This, however, can also feel suffocating for some people, who find it easier to check in once a day or every couple of days rather than be at the other end of a phone all the time and feeling pressurized to reply immediately.

Set expectations for communication. It needs to be mutually convenient and something both parties in the relationship are happy with.

Appreciate One Another

When in a long-distance relationship, it can easy for those doubts and feelings of jealously and insecurity to creep in. You are spending long periods of time away from one another, and it is pretty normal for even the smallest of actions to be over analyzed and dissected.

Frequent assurances with one another about your love and how much you appreciate the relationship can go a long way to minimizing these negativity feelings, which can often be what ends a long-distance relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask for reassurance as well, if you feel vulnerable or insecure.

Have A Plan

Once you know that you are pretty serious about one another, you may want to think about making a plan or setting a timeline for one or both of you moving so you are no longer so far apart.

This is a huge step so should not be taken lightly, but without a light at the end of the tunnel or some sort of reassurance that you won’t be long-distance forever, it can be very difficult to make a long-distance relationship work.