Long Layover? No Problem!

Sometimes on your travels, you might find that you have either accidentally booked flights too far apart. Occasionally there can be delays in the airport, or you wanted to have a little bit of time between flights. 

Long layovers can be the worst… but they can also be the best! It just depends on what you want to do with your time and how much time you have. 

Just remember that sometimes you will need to add this destination to your travel insurance to make sure you are covered should you head out for an adventure. 


If you have more than a couple of hours, you can head out of the airport and explore your pit-stop city. Take into account that you will need to pass customs on the way out and in, and if there are any issues, you may miss your connecting flight. 

There are a few things you can do to make your little adventure go smoothers.

  1. Find local coffee shops using Google Maps.
  2. Ensure you have a translation app on your phone.
  3. Make sure that you let someone back home know you have exited the airport and where you are going.
  4. Get the number for a reliable taxi firm from the Information Desk in the airport.
  5. Find somewhere to place any luggage that isn’t light or easy to carry, use a service that has an online booking like luggage storage in Rome (or your current location). 

You might find you are in time to join an organized tour, and since these are timed, you can make it back to the airport in plenty of time. 


Travelling can be tiring. Even though you are sitting down, it’s warm, busy, and can be stressful. What could be better than snagging a quick booking at the nearest hotel for some sleep?

There can be the option to book a transfer hotel within security, and these usually have bookings by the hour or by the half-day – perfect for those who don’t have more than half a day layover but who would still like to nap. 

Book yourself a few hours of uninterrupted rest. You don’t even have to sleep, but having somewhere quiet to yourself can make a big difference to the rest of the trip. 


You can use the time to write messages to people. People you haven’t seen in a while, people you will see soon, and those emails you didn’t reply to. 

We are all guilty of letting people wait a little too long for a reply. Work, life, and other ‘stuff’ get in the way. 

Take some time and write back to people. Or send a letter there and then to someone you miss. 

They’d be excited to get a card with a stamp from a far-off location, and receiving a handwritten letter is such a rare treat these days. 


If you have a few hours, you have the chance to try some local cuisine. Although the airport’s food can be tasty, it is often fast food designed with speed in mind. 

With a few hours to spare, you can find a location near-by and head out for something a little more nourishing and a little more authentic too. 

Eating while traveling can be tricky. Many people lose their appetite for a while but getting a nutritious (or simply just delicious) treat is essential to keeping your every up for the rest of the journey. 

Airport Lounge

Is there anything as enjoyable as a soft seat in the premium lounges? They are clean, well ventilated, and come with perks like free tea and coffee, sometimes food, and certainly relaxation. 

It used to be that only first-class and business-class had access to the lunges, but you can now buy a pass for a few hours and enjoy them while you wait. 

Many have free high-speed wifi, and some have showering and sleeping facilities. 

It might feel a little bit spendy, but it will be totally relaxing for you. 


If you won’t be back at that location for a while, find signage with the location or some of the native language on it. Take some photos of yourself so that you can remember this small amount of time you spent in another destination. 

And finally, if all of that seems like a lot of effort, find a book and magazine store in the airport, and pick up something to read while you wait for the gate to be ready on your next flight.