What To Look For In A Legal Translation Service?

Language barriers often put people in difficult situations and more so in a legal quagmire. Miscommunication and wrong interpretations often land law firms and their clients into big problems. The profundity of troubles arising as a result of the language barrier emphasizes the importance of proper legal translation. This is why legal firms look for adept legal translation services.

If you deal with international clients and global organizations, we understand how desperately you need a good legal translator, and if you are looking for one, here is what you should look for-

Their Specialization

Not just legal, but several fields require translators, and so, if you go on the lookout for translators, you will find yourself spoilt for choices, but always look for a specialist in legal translation.

Specialist legal translators take special training and pass exams to enrich their credentials. They are well-versed with legal terminologies and slangs, and hence, efficiently offer a plethora of translation services that cater to various fields, including medical document translation, legal translation, educational translation, finance translation, etc. If you are working with such a company, determine the credential of the translator working with you.

Their Services

While selecting a legal translation company, check the services they offer.

Decent legal translation services offer litigation document translation, contract translation, summons translation, deeds translation, patent and trademark filing translations, witness statement/deposition translation, immigration document translation, legal certification translation, legal disclaimer translation, will translation, legal marketing translation, affidavits translation, government and legal ruling report translation, articles of incorporation translation, correspondence translation, letters of credit translation, arbitration translation, foreign legal tax translation, confidentiality agreement translation, license translation, etc.

Choose a translation company that offers the services that you require the most.

Quality of Their Services

Always put quality over quantity while selecting a legal translation company. Be it business translation services or certified legal translation, you always need to hire an expert translator or firm that specializes in translating all kinds of legal documents in foreign language into English and vice-versa, with no errors, high precision and 100% accuracy.

Don’t select just about any translator based on the examples of their previous work. Meet the translator in person and try to gauge their expertise in legal translation. Also, learn about how they work, how they handle errors in translation, etc.

Their Availability and Responsiveness

The availability and responsiveness of the translation company is a big factor to consider while looking for such a service.

For instance, you are reading your client’s file at midnight and you come across a query. You are trying to reach your legal translator but couldn’t as it is past their working hours. What could be worse than this?

Look for someone who operates round the clock and promptly replies to your queries.

Their Experience and Reputation

Reputed, experienced, and professional legal translation companies always try to live up to their name by offering excellent services to their clients. They make it a point to be always at the disposal of their clients and provide them with accurate, on-time translations when need be.

Look for the experience and reputation of the translation service under consideration. What’s their position in the market, how their clients see them, and how much experience they have in the field are some important things to reflect on while selecting a legal translation service.

Their Price

Many translation services slap several additional charges on the face of their clients. To avoid any nasty surprises, talk to your translation service about their rates beforehand. Are their per-word rates all-inclusive or will they charge an extra fee for proofreading? Will they edit the document if needed or charge more for formatting?

The Bottom Line

Just like medical translation, a minute mistake in legal translation can compel you to pay a heavy price. It can tarnish the reputation of your firm. Hence, it is very important to select a professional, adroit, and experienced legal translation service. We hope this article will help you in finding one.