Tips For Looking After Teen Teeth: Why Does It Matter?

Parents have little influence over their kids’ oral healthcare practices as they grow older. Also, children need to assert their independence as they transition into adolescence. These factors can result in poor oral health, increasing the risk of cavities, decay, gum disease, and other complications.

Here are helpful ways to take care of your teeth in your teens.

Avoid Sodas and Sweetened Drinks

Teens love sodas and other sugary drinks. While these aren’t as harmful as alcohol and narcotics, they can hurt oral health if consumed in high amounts.

The sugar in these drinks promotes bacterial growth and increases acidity. These two combine to erode the enamel resulting in cavities and increasing the risk of tooth loss.

Additionally, eroded teeth cannot break down food properly, resulting in poor absorption of nutrients. Over time, this causes malnutrition.

Practice Oral Hygiene

It is crucial to brush and floss teeth regularly, regardless of age. Ideally, brushing your teeth twice – in the morning and before bedtime would be best. It would help if you also floss once daily.

When brushing, use the right equipment and technique. Ensure you use fluoridated toothpaste to strengthen your enamel.

Another important aspect of dental hygiene is drinking a lot of water according to Emergency Dentist San Diego CA. After eating, gurgle water to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth. When you drink coffee, tea, and other coloured beverages, drink water to reduce the risk of staining your teeth.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Most permanent teeth emerge during the teenage years. For this reason, it’s crucial to closely monitor them to avoid misalignment, crookedness, overcrowding, and other issues. The best way to do this is by visiting the dentist regularly.

The dentist will assess the teeth during the appointments and notice potential issues before they worsen. Early detection saves money, as it is easier to treat the problems before they become significant issues. It also makes treatment less painful and prevents the risk of more severe conditions, like oral cancer and gum disease.

After the assessment, the dentist will recommend braces or other wearable items to correct alignment issues. They will clean professionally if the teeth grow properly to remove any stubborn stains. Taking your teens to the dentist regularly also helps them cope with the fear of dental equipment.

Avoid Oral Piercings

Despite their reduced popularity, some teens find it cute to pierce their tongues and lips. It might seem cool, but these piercings can affect your kids’ oral health. For example, piercing the lips affects teeth alignment. It also increases susceptibility to infection.

Why Does It Matter?

Your teens’ oral health is vital to their physical and mental well-being. Discoloured, misaligned, and missing teeth hurt your kids’ social life. It can ruin their confidence.

Also, poor oral health increases the risk of further complications like diabetes, malnutrition, cancers, and other chronic conditions.


Every teenager deserves a healthy and sparkling smile. The tips above will ensure young adults maintain proper oral health and avoid self-image and health issues.