Looking for a Perfect Toilet? Here’s What to Look for

Renovating your bathroom isn’t that difficult, but finding the right toilet can be a bit tricky. When looking for a new one, you’ll have to consider other factors besides the color and style, like how effectively it can flush and the amount of water the toilet uses.

Getting a high-performance toilet with a nice design that complements your bathroom isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. All you have to do is shop around and read the following guide to know what to look for.

Consider Toilets with Eco-friendly Flush

One of the best things about modern technology is that it caters to conserving water and that applies to smart toilets. If you look up new designs of smart toilets, you’ll find that they use less water to flush than their traditional counterparts. Some of them even utilize a dual-flush technology, which will allow you to use either partial flush or a full flush.

According to Environmental Protection Agencies, flushing should use at least 20% less water by using more power, so you’ll find new models always adhering to these instructions. Eco-friendly flush toilets aren’t exactly budget-friendly, but they will minimize your water usage to a great extent and will support your eco-friendly lifestyle.

New Technology Can Transform Your Bathroom

Smart toilets won’t just offer eco-friendly flush options, but they’ll pamper their users with an array of options that give off a futuristic vibe. Smart toilets can have features like automatic heated seats, air-dryers, warm water for cleansing, self-cleaning options, and a touch screen to control and change the settings as you please.

Before you pick the first smart toilet model you lay your eyes on, you should look for detailed reviews and guides to find out which models are popular among shoppers, and learn more about the features that you’re looking for.

In addition to these features, there are other cleaning options you might want to consider, like UV light sanitation, which can guarantee the ultimate sanitation for your toilet.

Some smart toilets are even equipped with attractive lighting, a nightlight, and Bluetooth, which will allow you to play your favorite music while you’re in the bathroom.  This will ensure that your trips to the bathroom will never be boring with your favorite music playing in the background.

Choose a Toilet Type

Choosing a toilet type is also an important step to consider, as it will be affected by what plans you have in mind for your bathroom style. If you have a small bathroom and are trying to save space, for example, a wall-mounted toilet will be the best option in that case.

Wall-mounted toilets will make the bathroom cleaning process easier. They should also go well with your modern bathroom design, but before you rush to buy one, you’ll have to make sure that your bathroom walls are thick enough to support a wall-mounted toilet.

Similarly, tankless toilets also go well with modern-style bathrooms and save space, so they will look complementary both in small and large bathrooms. Because there is no tank, the toilet will be connected directly to the water supply line and it will have a better flush performance than the other types. 

Check the Flush Performance

One of the easy ways to check your toilet’s performance is to look for its flush performance on popular websites. You won’t find flush performance rates of every toilet model on these websites, but it is worth checking in any case before you make up your mind. You should also know the difference between gravity toilets and pressure-assisted toilets, which we explain below.

Gravity Toilets

Gravity toilets, or traditional toilets, use gravity to get rid of the waste using water that is stored in the toilet tank. You will usually find gravity toilets in homes. Sometimes, the lift chain might loosen or disconnect, so no flushing will happen unless the chain is fixed or replaced.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Pressure-assisted toilets have a mechanical tank that will release water when you flush. In addition to this, they can conserve water. This type is commonly used in commercial buildings and establishments; however, there are no laws banning homeowners from installing pressure-assisted toilets in their houses.

You should be careful with the installation process, though because it can be tricky. Asking for a competent plumbing contractor’s assistance is the best course of action in that case.

Finding the perfect toilet shouldn’t be a very hard task, especially with the new technology that toilet manufacturers are merging with their new designs. Make sure to check if the toilet has all the features you need before you purchase it, like bidet technology and an easy-clean glaze, to get maximum sanitation.