Losing a Furry Friend: 5 Ways to Remember Them

When you lose a pet, the grief can be overwhelming. Our four-legged companions can leave a lasting impact on our lives, and it’s important to remember them and the role they played.

Finding a special way to commemorate your lost pet is a helpful way to process their death, deal with the grief and slowly move on while still keeping them in your memory.

Here are a few creative ways of remembering your lost loved ones and keeping them close to you even in their absence.

Cremation Keepsakes

The first option is to have a cremation keepsake made with their ashes. Many memorial companies create pet keepsakes too. You can put your dog or cat’s ashes into a little urn, or even a piece of jewellery to keep them close to you wherever you go.

This is a wonderful physical reminder of their lives and the memories you shared with the pet you cared for. You could even place a keepsake next to a framed photograph of your pet in an extra special spot on the shelf.


Getting a memorial tattoo is another great idea for honouring your lost pet. Especially for those who were especially attached to their furry friends, a tattoo is a lifelong reminder of what they meant to you and all they did for you.

You could get their name or initial tattooed, a portrait, the date of their death or even a simple pawprint. This will serve as a reminder of their unconditional love wherever you go.

Plushie Replicas

If it feels too soon to think about getting a new pet, you could invest in a plushie replica of your lost furry companion. You might find a plushie that resembles their breed, or you could look for a company that will custom-make a plushie for you.

This is a great idea for sentimental folks or for families with young children. The kids will love the physical reminder of their pet, and they can be displayed amongst the other toys – so long as the plushie isn’t played with too roughly!

Memory Quilts

Another wonderful and creative idea is to have a memory quilt (or felt animal) made with scraps of pet blankets, jackets, bandanas, toys and other items you might have from throughout their lifetime.

You could even have a quilt framed or hung on the wall, if the size is right. Here are a few memory quilt ideas you could use to commemorate your pet.

Plant a Tree

Finally, a noble way to honour your pet is to plant a tree in their memory when they pass away. You could even bury their ashes with the seeds of the tree you plant, so that your pet goes back into nature and can be thought to be contributing to new life.

You might reach out to a company that plants trees, or even plant one yourself right in your backyard, where you’ll be able to visit it any time you feel lonely.