Things You Need To Know About Using Machine Learning Into Android Apps

ML (Machine Learning) was one of the most popular trends of 2020 and is going to continue in 2021 as well. Machine learning is such a technology that is used in several fields and now became an inseparable part of the Android app development industry. All the apps that want to be in the competition and overthrow others must have this feature in their app.

There are numerous ways to integrate machine learning into an Android app. However, it mostly depends on the tasks you want to get done by the technology in your app.

One of the best things about machine learning is that it can analyze the targeted user behavior and patterns. It also tracks search patterns to deliver relevant recommendations. It is most probably used feature in eCommerce apps. You can even consider audio and video recognition a part of machine learning which is heavily used in entertainment apps like Snapchat.

ML is also used for fingerprint and face recognition to ease out the authentication process. It also provides an option to add chatbots in the app which has become an extremely popular option for the apps like Apple Siri.

Technology experts also optimize the search process by integrating machine learning into the Android app. By adding voice search, spelling correction, or search procedure into the app for your users, their experience will be more spontaneous and less troublesome.

Machine Learning for Mobile Applications

Mobile app developers can do wonders with the innovative technology of machine learning. It has literally transformed the entire app industry. ML brings great capabilities to the app including a smarter and smoother interface and experience and powering up the business with great features like providing location-based suggestions or detecting any chronic disease.

Most users these days intend to get an experience that is very personalized and hence it is not enough to just create a good app but also equally important to deliver an experience that makes users not leave your app. Machine learning can make that happen, it can literally turn an app into a user’s dream. Here are some of the top apps that have integrated machine learning and benefitted greatly from them.

1. Netflix

Those who have used Netflix would know that it delivers a very personalized experience to its users. Certainly, it is machine learning allowing the app to do so. It makes use of linear and logistic regression and other algorithms to deliver such an amazing experience.

Netflix makes use of different content divided into various categories like the year, timespan, actors, user’s choice, and such other categories. Every such huge as well teeny weeny information goes into the machine learning algorithm.

ML in Netflix tracks the behavior of their user and suggests them content as per their likes. This saves them from scrolling and searching for the content that interests them.

2. Tinder

One of the best and most popular dating apps is also using machine learning in the app. It is the technology that helps people find their match. It uses the information like posted photos by portraying them randomly and conduct an analysis on how many times it was swiped which allows the app to arrange them in a pattern where most observed ones will be placed first. This feature empowered by machine learning will increase the chances of the app users to find an ideal match.

3. Google Maps

How can we ever forget the app of all time, Google Maps?

Machine learning is the key behind how to find a parking spot. The app makes use of the data analysis technique to do it. Google collects and studies the data from a vast sample of people. They ask a question like how long did they take to find a parking spot and did they face any issues while doing so. Then they use this data by creating various training models from all those people who have shared their location details.

Some of the most popular Android apps have machine learning. So, if you are planning to develop your next Android app, you cannot miss out on this feature. Machine learning is going to be the next big trend in the mobile app development market. So, you better start planning on ways or methods to use it in the app.

Here is a simple step-wise guide to use AI & Machine Learning in the mobile app and impress your users, make them choose your app over their competitors, and keep them engaged with advanced features.

How to Integrate Machine Learning into Android App

Developers need to use frameworks to integrate machine learning into the Android app. One of the popular frameworks for integrating ML is Tensorflow. Here are some of the easy steps to integrate ML into Android app development.

1. Collect the data.
2. Transform the collected data into needed images.
3. Create different folders of images and group them.
4. Retrain the model with new images.
5. Optimize the workflow for accessible mobile devices.
6. Embed file into the app.
7. Run the app locally and check if it detects the image.

You know the entire process of how to integrate machine learning into the Android app. It’s high time you should start to consider developing an android app. The market for machine learning app is high and we cannot argue the fact that Android apps are high in demand.

With 2.95 Million apps, Google Play Store is the biggest app store in the world. Demand for the apps among the users is also equally high. With the combination of machine learning in the app, users will go bonkers to use the innovation.

Wrap it Up

So, are you willing to make the next big thing?

All you need to do is look for an android app development company, share your idea, and develop a great app. You can also hire a dedicated developer to build an app. Make sure that the Android app developer you hire is also well versed in integrating machine learning.