Machine Learning Myths

Machine learning is a term that was introduced not so long ago, and yet there are already many myths considering it. Here is some information to help explain the most popular myths out there.

It can be used everywhere

Machine learning, surprisingly, can not be used in every device. First of all, there is no need to implement it everywhere, and as with every technology, it has its limitations. You can find elements of machine learning in a Mini PC or anywhere the big data is present. But you will find it nowhere near small data. The costs don’t add up for the tech companies to put it in most devices.

Machine learning is the same as artificial intelligence

It is not the same. Artificial technology is created to make the machines think and understand, just like humans do. However, machine learning is here to generate accuracy by learning from experience without constant programming updates. So yes, machine learning and artificial intelligence are connected, but different in their goal.

It will replace humans

It is one of the most common fears with any new technology, a fear of not being needed. Well, you can relax, because human labour is not going away in the near or distant future. Machine learning will, for sure change the nature of human’s work, but it is not able to replace it. It is designed actually to help us be more effective at our work, and it is predicted to create some new job opportunities as well.

All you have to do is adjust to the new world, which by the way, is something you do all your life. Remember a world without the Internet? Nobody is protesting to destroy it now so that all the old jobs and habits could come back.

Now that you know what is just a myth, make sure to get even more information about AI and machine learning, as it is a technology of the future.