5 Ways To Maintain Your Youtube Channel Like A Pro

YouTube needs an introduction to any internet user today. This video-sharing platform came into existence in 2005 and immediately became a rage. More than 15 years later, the platform has grown more than a hundredfold in terms of popularity and quantity.

There are nearly 2.5 billion YouTube users in the world today. It makes up more than 79% of the entirety of global internet users. Billions of hours of video are uploaded and streamed here daily.

Being a YouTube creator has become quite a career in recent times. It is indeed a viable option but certainly not an easy task. Managing a YouTube channel can be demanding but here is how to do it efficiently.

1. Create And Manage Publishing Schedule 

Being a YouTube creator is all about publishing videos. The more you keep on posting, the more are your chances of getting exposure. To make the entire process of publishing easy, you should create a completely organized schedule. Through this schedule, you can control the flow of your content regarding all the whats and whens of posting content.

A schedule lets you organize your whole routine thus saving time and boosting productivity. Along with creating a schedule, it is recommended to create content in advance. You have to post regularly to stay relevant so you can’t leave too much gap between your videos. If you don’t have content stored in advance, you will be wasting time and reducing the chances of your exposure.

2. Maintain An Attractive Profile 

Your YouTube channel’s visual quality is the first impression that you give. It is up to you what kind of the first impression you want. There are a lot of elements about a YouTube channel that make it more attractive. Unlike other platforms, you can do more than just having a fancy username.

Here, you get to select a display picture and a cover photo. Both of these should be unique, creative, and original. They give your channel a unique identity. Another thing you can do for making your channel look more legitimate is by posting a channel trailer. The trailer is the first piece of actual content a new visitor sees and it just needs to be effective.

To make your channel look more organized and easy to access, divide your videos into different playlists.

3. Avoid Community Guideline Strikes

The worst thing you can do for your channel is getting it suspended and deleted. YouTube can and will take such actions against you if you go against their guidelines over and over again. YouTube gives you a total of three strikes before taking a permanent action.

One of the most common ways people get these strikes is by posting copyright content. It can be both a video segment or audio whose copyright legally belongs to a third party. Posting offensive content too often can bring your channel to the same fate as well.

4. Put Efforts Into Video Presentation 

Aside from your channel, you should invest efforts into how you present every single video on your channel. It begins with your video title and goes on including thumbnails, tags, and video descriptions. Well-crafted thumbnails and creative titles can give your channel a professional and organized look.

5. Use Management & Growth Tools

There is a wide variety of tools you can use in different aspects of your YouTube channel. It includes areas like editing, publishing, and analyzing. It is always better to try out new and improved editing tools that can improve your overall video quality. There are plenty of automation tools that let you manage and schedule their publishing in advance.

There are some other tools that suggest the best keywords and tags that boost your channel’s presence and reach. Last but not the least, you can take the help of analytical tools that let you study your performance and statistics in detail. 

Regardless of what your content is, the goal is always to gain more views on your YouTube videos. If you want to earn on YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. The platform demands a set of requirements for one to qualify for monetization.

One such requirement is having 1k subscribers. If you are finding it hard to get to that mark, there is an easy way out. With a little bit of money and the right website, you can buy YouTube subscribers whenever you want. They will help you reach your monetization goals and even more later on. 


YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest video-sharing platform in the world today. It is receiving competitions from a lot of sides but none of them come close to being an actual threat. YouTube has a legacy of its own. It has created so many popular internet figures and many use it in the hopes of being one of them.

Thousands of YouTube accounts are created every week by those who want to use the platform as a source of income. Many of them fail at managing their accounts properly, however. By following the 5 ways mentioned here, you can keep yourself excluded from that list.