​Major Fashion Mistakes Men Should Look Out For

Fashion is an industry that more and more men are taking an interest in recently. With the growing popularity of mens’ fashion sites like The Trending Man, men are now trying to look their best and create their own personal style. Despite this interest, there are still many fashion mistakes men can make. 

These mistakes can ruin an otherwise perfect outfit, so you need to be careful. While some are obvious, others may be things you do each and every day without knowing they are poor choices. With that in mind, here are some of the major fashion mishaps to avoid.

Wearing the Wrong Size

Perhaps the biggest fashion faux pas that many men make is wearing clothes that are the wrong size. This includes wearing clothes that are too large or too small. Clothes that are too large can look incredibly baggy and unkempt, and can be very unflattering to your figure. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight can show off too much and simply don’t look good.

Clothing should fit well, but it can be difficult to find the right fit for your body. Each garment in particular may have a rule about where it should sit or how far it should extend, so do some research if you have questions about a specific item of clothing. If you don’t know your size, getting professionally fitted can be a good idea.

Clashing Colors

The colors of the clothes you wear are another area you need to carefully consider. Color is great, but not all colors go well together. If you wear too many at once, or put colors together that clash, it can take away from an otherwise well-designed outfit. Color is often the first thing people will notice about your clothes, so you want to ensure everything from your pants, your shoes and your shirt all work well together.

If you are struggling to understand which colors go well with one another and which should be kept far apart, consider using a color wheel. This wheel will help you see if a color works well with another, or if the two should be avoided.

Having Too Many Accessories

Accessories are a welcome addition to almost any outfit. They can add different dimensions to your style and help show off your unique tastes and personality. These accessories can include hats, jewelry, ties, sunglasses and many others. However, accessorizing can certainly be taken too far.

If you are wearing too many accessories, it can look a little tacky. This is especially true if the accessories are all over the place and made of different materials. Not only that, but too many accessories can actually take the attention away from one another, when they are supposed to be worn to stand out and complement your look.

Sock-Related Mishaps

Most of us wear socks, but very few of us look good doing so. As a result, there are several different sock-related fashion mistakes men will make daily. The first is wearing socks with sandals. It almost never looks good and has been a fashion mistake for decades. Yet, many people still keep doing it. 

Another offender is wearing socks that don’t fit with what you are doing. For example, wearing thick white socks with a suit and dress shoes for a wedding does not work. Similarly, wearing thin dress socks under your shoes when playing basketball is not a good idea either. Always match your socks with your activity for the best results in terms of looks and comfort.

Of course, you also want to make sure the socks you are wearing are in good shape. If your socks are ripped, stained or full of holes, it might be time to look for some replacements. The good news is that socks are incredibly cheap, so it shouldn’t cost you much to improve your collection.

Tucking and Untucking Incorrectly

While it might seem simple, there is an art to tucking or not tucking a shirt. Many shirts simply aren’t meant to be tucked in and, if they are, it can sometimes look a little off. Often, they won’t stay tucked in if they are too short, and this leads to constant adjustments.

Of course, something subtle and fashionable (like a french tuck) can look great, but a good rule of thumb is not to tuck in shirts that weren’t designed to be worn that way. On the other hand, untucking a dress shirt that is meant to be tucked in can make it look far too long and can make you look shorter.

If you aren’t sure whether something should be untucked or tucked, a bit of research can often help you out.

Avoid These Mistakes for Better Style

By being aware of (and avoiding) these mistakes, you can ensure your fashion choices aren’t ruining your look. Of course, it always helps to ask a trusted friend or loved one if you need some guidance.