How To Make Bathroom Smell Good

No doubt, you want your bathroom to smell fresh and look clean all the time. A great-smelling bathroom is the dream bath space for one and all. But how to make the bathroom smell like a spa? Since the bathroom bears the brunt of pee and poo, how to keep your toilet bowl smelling fresh? Tucson Maids a leading house cleaning service in the Tucson, AZ area has the expertise on how to win this fight.

13 Easy Bathroom Odor Prevention Tricks

Why do bathrooms stink? Well, since bathrooms remain steamy and damp, it contributes to mold and bacterial growth, resulting in bad odor, apart from the unavoidable smell after toilet use. A regular bathroom cleaning routine will help keep your bathroom smelling fresh after pooping. Here are 13 tips from a house cleaning company on how to make the magic happen.

1. Make periodic cleaning of the bathroom drains a habit. The objective is to remove any hair from the drains to keep them smelling cleaner. A homemade baking soda and water solution can keep the drains clear while cutting back on odors. It also eliminates any buildup in the drains, keeping them unclogged.

2. Wipe clean all personal care product bottles sitting in the bathroom. They can be the biggest attraction for moisture, creating a damp environment for bacterial growth.

3. Invest in a small dehumidifier. Since moisture is the biggest culprit in polluting the bathroom environment, investing in a dehumidifier can help keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time. This is one of the best tricks for a bathroom without ventilation. So if you are wondering how to keep a windowless bathroom fresh without ventilation, pick a dehumidifier to get rid of the stench. Remember, damp towels, bath mats, and laundry hampers can cause musty smells.

4. Pour a little amount of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Being a non-toxic, biodegradable product, vinegar leaves behind a pleasant scent. What’s more, it acts as a cleaner and sanitizer that will absorb odor-causing bacteria.

5. Consider using essential oil in the bathroom. If you wondering how to make the bathroom smell like a spa, then essential oils can come in handy. A few drops of the oil can freshen up the bathroom for weeks. A bit goes a long way to keep your bath smelling fresh.

6. Clean the toilet seat every day. Besides, do not forget to clean and disinfect the space behind the toilet bowl. Unless you clean it, a musty pee smell might keep your bathroom smelling extremely bad. Regular cleaning will keep your bathroom smelling good.

7. Put a fragrance diffuser close to the sink to eliminate bathroom odor. You can pick your favorite scent for the diffuser and enjoy a fresh-smelling bathroom all the time. Note that cleaning your essential oil diffusers is important since they add moisture to the air and directly affect your health.

8. Put some fresh mint in the shower. Perhaps this idea might sound crazy but it works. Mint is the best air freshener for the bathroom. All you need to do is grab a bunch of fresh mints. Hang the herbs around the showerhead tied to a rubber band. You will need to refresh the herbs every few days.

9. Keep toothpaste in the toilet tank. You do not need a new toothpaste to serve the purpose of natural bathroom odor removal. Even one with a little bit of paste should work here.

10. Pour rubbing alcohol into the sink. Your sink might look clean from the top but you never know what it’s hiding in the drainage pipe and hole. This could be causing all the odor in the bathroom. So one of the easiest easy bathroom odor prevention tricks is to pour some rubbing alcohol into the drainage hole and let it sit overnight. It should kill all the bacteria and make your shower smell clean and fresh.

11. Place a pomander ball in the bathroom. Stick some cloves into a lemon or orange. Put the natural pomander ball in the shower to make it smell fruity and nice.

12. Pick a reed diffuser as a bathroom freshener. You may make one yourself at home to combat odor and refresh your senses. No doubt, it can act as the best air freshener for the bathroom.

13. Sanitize cleaning sponges regularly. They collect a lot of bacteria and could be one reason why a bathroom stinks. One easy way to clean sponges is to place them in the microwave on high and heat for only 2 minutes. This will eliminate odors and extend their useful life.