Tips on How to Make Better Rational Buying Decisions

Have you ever impulse purchased a product only to find it sitting on your shelf collecting dust a week later? Fortunately for you, you are not the only one to make this mistake, however, that does not mean it is okay to make it. Your goal as a consumer is to make smart purchases so you get the most out of your money. How can you ensure that you are making a rational purchase? Always ask yourself if you need the item in the current moment.

Is there a use for it in my life? Is it a much better improvement over something I already have? How much does this product cost? Is the quality acceptable? These are all valid questions you should be asking and considering when looking to buy a product.

There is nothing worse than sitting down with something you bought and having it break five minutes later due to it being poor quality. Make sure you don’t get scammed at the stores or online and don’t be afraid to ask for help or consult the internet when looking at products.

Here are some tips on how to make better rational buying decisions and get the most value for your dollar.

Make Sure the Product Has A Use for You

I cannot count the number of times I have seen someone buy something they thought was cool only to never be able to use it. As much as we would like to buy cool things, if they do not have uses, they are just a waste of money, and there is nothing cool about throwing away money.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing luxury items, but make sure the luxury item is something you have the time to indulge in and will actually use. Take a gaming console for example. Many people purchase these only to have them sit idly beside their TV for years because they don’t have the time to play it.

While the product sounds great on paper, in reality, it was just a waste of four hundred dollars. The other thing to consider when looking at product usage is how much it will improve the quality of your life. Let’s say for example you have an apple peeler, and with it you can peel an apple in a minute. At the store, you see an apple peeler that sells for sixty dollars that will allow you to peel an apple in ten seconds.

Sure, it is a definite upgrade over the product you currently have but do you really need this at the moment? Even if the product has a use, ensure that its use is worth the price point. Making sure the product has a use for you is the first way to make a better rational buying decision.

Read the Product Reviews

Product reviews exist for a reason. They are to guide you, as a consumer, to make smart and informed purchasing decisions. Some products might have defects that are undetectable at the moment, but will cause problems one week later. Reviews help you to see if the product you are getting is really worth the money you are spending.

According to, there are people online who will help inform you of products that are defective and will then direct you to substitutes that will work much better. Don’t find yourself getting stuck with faulty products, ask lots of questions and get as much information about the product. By doing this, you can ensure that you are making rational purchasing decisions.


Money doesn’t grow on trees; therefore, we must always be making informed decisions without a budget in mind to make rational buying decisions. Budgeting, unfortunately, complicates things as you might find an extremely useful and high rated product, only to find its way out of your price range. To purchase this product and undergo financial suffering, as a result, would not be a wise decision, regardless of how useful the product would be to you.

Always ensure that the price is within your budget and that you are getting a quality product for the money you are spending. Always look for sales when purchasing products, but don’t get lulled into them, as some places have business strategies to attract you to defective items placed on sale. The value should always be considered when making a rational purchasing decision.

You should always be getting the best bang for your buck as they say. Making rash purchasing decisions, albeit fun, can lead to questionable purchases that find their way to the garbage a week later. When looking to make an informed rational decision, always consider what the product can do in your life and if it has good value based upon its price and your financial situation.

If these two things check out, read the reviews to make sure that the product is a good as they are trying to make it look. If you consider all these tips, you’ll be making high IQ purchases in no time. Happy shopping!