5 Ways To Make Your Business Greener

As the UK strives to become one of the first nations to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions, businesses are under increasing pressure to be more environmentally friendly. However, it isn’t only pressure from the government that’s encouraging companies to embrace greener principles.

As the issue of climate change becomes more mainstream, an increasing number of consumers are choosing to switch to eco-friendly businesses, products, and services.

No matter what industry you operate in, you can enhance your business by becoming more environmentally friendly. If you want to reduce your carbon emissions, take a look at five easy ways to make your business greener:

1. Encourage Staff to Cycle

Pollution is a major contributor to carbon emissions, so encouraging staff to cycle to work, instead of driving, can be a great way to make a change. With many people eager to improve their health, raising awareness of the benefits of cycling can help people to achieve their personal goals and enable your business to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.

2. Conserve Water

Reducing your water usage instantly makes your business more environmentally friendly. By switching to low flow taps and water outlets, you can minimise water usage without any noticeable impact on your operations. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit to your company. By searching for competitive and reduced business water prices via comparison sites, as well as extra conservation measures, you can reduce your running costs by a significant amount.

3. Use Renewable Energy

Switching to renewable energy doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, many major energy providers now offer green packages that will ensure your company only uses green energy when it’s available. While you’ll have ongoing access to other types of power, your business will use alternative energy as much as possible. For example, take a look at energy transport logistics jobs to discover what is now possible.

Alternatively, you could take your own measures, such as installing solar panels, to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Before making a decision it is advised to calculate your solar potential and savings by address.

4. Clean with Green Products

All workplaces need to be cleaned regularly to keep them safe and sanitary. However, you don’t have to use chemical-laden products in order to keep your workplace hygienic. By switching to green cleaning products, you can minimize the negative impact your operations have on the environment and make your workplace healthier too.

5. Promote Recycling

If you don’t already have an in-house recycling policy, it’s time to create one. Every year, more than 14m tonnes of waste is sent to landfills in the UK, whilst only 12m tonnes of rubbish is recycled. By making recycling facilities available to staff and customers, you can reduce the amount of trash your company contributes to landfill sites.

Making Your Business Greener

A ‘Green Audit’ is a great way to identify business processes that are unnecessarily wasteful. By conducting regular audits, you can ensure that you’re taking every available opportunity to make your business greener.

Additionally, prioritising your contribution to the environment and considering the impact every decision you make has on the climate will help to ensure that your company’s future is built in accordance with green principles.