The Cheapest Way To Make Custom T-Shirts

Cheap tees are actually very easy to make thanks to new technology. Not only can you quickly and easily design custom t-shirts cheap, but you can make them for a fraction of the cost of buying a custom t-shirt in a store. Here are the steps required to make a cheap custom tee.

1.The Design

Before you start working on your personalized t-shirt, you have to have an idea of what you plan to put on it. This is the design phase. If you have a particular message you want to get across or if the custom tee design is for a team, you will require such things as logos and graphics.

Did you know that you can create your own custom embroidered patches for your t-shirt design? You don’t have to be an artist or graphic designer, just check out online stores like 4incustompatch. They have tons of options for you to choose from, and they can even help you create your own unique design. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to make custom t-shirts, this is definitely a way to go!

With online design tools, you can quickly upload your photos or graphics and work with those. Online cheap custom t-shirt companies such as Yayprint and Rarecustom, also have libraries of stock images you can use. You can also get some inspiration from these t-shirt design vector ideas.

2.The Shirt

This is where you will be choosing the actual t-shirt that your design will be printed on. When designing cheap t-shirts online you will discover several different choices of products. Depending on the purpose of your custom tee and the person who will be wearing it, you can choose from the standard types of tees including men’s, women’s, children and toddlers. Each of these will be available in different sizes and colours. You will need to pick what works best.

3.The Location

Depending on the actual size of the design you have created for the specific colour, size and type of t-shirt you have selected, placement of your design is next. Although it may sound like an easy thing to do, a good custom tee has a design with a message that is easy to see and read. This means that the design has to be placed in about the centre of the chest area. A design that sits too low or too high is ineffective in many ways. The location on the custom shirt is crucial.

4.The Printing

The final step in creating custom t-shirts cheap is the actual printing process. With online custom tee systems you simply place an order for one or more of the t-shirts you have just completed designing. When you check out, the cheap tees are printed and all you have to do is wait for it (or them) to arrive at the shipping address you would have entered. There are really just four simple steps to the cheapest way to make custom t-shirts online.

However, if custom t-shirt printing is an industry you are trying to tap into, you may opt to print shirts independently. Compared to other business start-ups, this one has a relatively low investment cost. Your money will go a long way if you start with a cutting-edge printer like the Epson F3070. You can easily find Epson F3070 ink and supply and any other equipment you need from reputable retailers online.

What Makes A Good Custom Tee Design?

If you are creating a custom t-shirt with your own design, there are two very important factors to consider when putting your message together. First, the image or images you choose must be of high quality. Poor quality images will make your tee design look unfinished or just shoddy. Second, your font use has to be carefully controlled. Fewer words are better, one or two different font styles are also best for a custom t-shirt design. Keep it tidy and precise.

What About Colour Choices?

In order for a custom tee to have an effective message, it has to really stand out and grab attention. The best way to do this is during your designing phase. Pay particular attention to the colours used in the images and your fonts. Ideally, you would choose a t-shirt colour that would create a high contrast to the message/image colours. Simple examples would include black on white, red on white, yellow on black and other combinations that contrast greatly.

Should You Use A Template Or Go Without?

This really depends on your skill level. If you have some basic understanding of graphic design, you can probably skip the template. For your first custom t design, using online design tools at the cheap custom shirts website you are shopping from is a good idea. Not only will the templates there provide simple guides to use, but you will also be assured that your finished design will be compatible with the specific online t-shirt printing system.

Creating Cheap T-Shirts Online Is Simple

Hopefully, we have given you enough assistance here to show that it really doesn’t take too much work to create a custom t-shirt these days. Online tools including template, editing apps and more allow you to make that special custom shirt with the exact message you want on it instead of having to settle on whatever designs are available. Plus, customizing clothing items such as t-shirts make great gift ideas or giveaways to help promote a business or cause. By customizing the shirts yourself with online tools, you also save money which results in cheap tees for you!

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