How To Make A Gorgeous Instagram Profile

According to statistics, the number of monthly active Instagram users has already exceeded one billion. With the course of time, this network has become not only a popular blogging system, but also a space for spreading business services and goods. Regardless of your gender, age, occupation, you are free to express your mind with almost no limitations.

However, the next challenge occurs for each customer who wants to enhance the follow-capacity of this kind of project. Keep on reading to get a new perspective on old-fashioned approaches to create a unique account.

Let Me Introduce Myself

There are two main approaches to consider — use your real name or a great nickname. In both cases, it would be better to give your preference to something easy to read, say, and thus remember.

The abbreviations or bizarre combinations of words/letters are a funny option, but not more. If you see that the desired variant is already taken by someone, an underscore to add may solve the problem.

Profile Photo

You shouldn’t be too strict and select shots that would rather suit your passport or any other sort of ID. To choose a random picture you like isn’t recommended as well. The main image at the left corner of the page is a crucial indicator for users to visit your page or go to the next option.

Real people are interesting for the target audience, so a personal photo is the best choice. For instance, you can make it a bit more attractive or unusual by using a professional app to change hair color. The leading principle is to show your face.

Bio Description

With 150 characters, you face a simple but at the same time complicated task to describe yourself briefly but in an exciting manner. If you create a page for your business project, just write the true facts about your creation. Jokes and emojis are welcome to add, but hashtags are rather to be forbidden. The latter should be applied in the description below posts, not here.

Quality of Pictures

To tell the truth, the quality of the original image and the downloaded result on Instagram differ greatly. This network doesn’t preserve the initial quality of the photo. The rule of thumb is pretty obvious: the more qualitative picture you will post, the more attractive and nice it will look on your profile.

Feel free to use professional software like Retouchme to add great filters and effects — this will contribute to the unique styling of your portfolio. Taking into account it is impossible to make shots of the same kind all the time, you can just modify them not to be too divergent when posted near.

The Bottom Line

Brainstorming is the first step to take before actually making your account. A lot of ideas can come unexpectedly, so take your time to create a candy page on Instagram.