A Checklist To Help Make Your Home Feel Bigger & Better

When planning your home upgrades for 2023, making the property feel a little bigger should be the very top item on your agenda. Of course, if you are looking for a larger property to rent for the new year, there are also great choices, like Bridge Square Brighton Co at rent.com. After all, nothing ruins your relationship with living spaces quite like the sense of claustrophobia.  

Use the following checklist for guidance when updating your home in 2023 and you will see truly stunning results.

Give Every Room A Purpose

Do you wish that your home had an extra room so that you could create an office, a gym, or a playroom? You are not alone. In many cases, there is a very quick solution to this problem – revamp an underutilised space.

Guest bedrooms and garages are the most common candidates. Transforming those areas into functional living spaces that enhance your daily life will make the home feel far bigger. Aside from the benefits gained from the newly revamped space, it should make other rooms feel better.

When the upgrades are primarily cosmetic and decorational, the project costs are smaller than you might expect. Perfect.

Remove The Clutter

The average family now possesses more household goods than ever before. If you do not have the space to accommodate them, the property can begin to feel cramped. A thorough decluttering session will work wonders at the start of 2023.

Firstly, you can sell or dispose of any junk that you no longer want. Following this, a secure self storage unit can be very useful for storing seasonal items, including clothes. Alternatively, it may store items while completing other updates. You can then determine what items are needed upon completion.

Where possible, switching to paperless items can have a telling impact. With fewer physical items in the home, it will feel larger.

Use Light & Colour To Your Advantage

While physical dimensions are important, the way you perceive the space often has the biggest impact. So, if you can find a way to make your eyes think that living areas are bigger, your relationship with the home will be improved.

Increased natural lighting throughout the property can transform the look by making it feel bigger and brighter. This positivity can be further supported by choosing the right colour scheme for each room. Different shades may generate different emotional responses. Some choices also reflect the light to a greater level.

For optimal results, you may also look to create an open plan space that connects the living room, kitchen, and dining room. 

Confirm That Your Garden Is Being Utilised 

To make the home feel bigger, you must look to get the most out of every available space. Outside areas commonly get overlooked. If your garden is not currently utilised to its full potential, you must rectify this in time for summer.

From choosing the right garden stakes to sectioning off the garden, seemingly small steps make a big impact. As long as the upgrades encourage you to spend more time outside, you will discover that the entire property feels larger. Better still, reconnecting with nature and embracing the fresh air can make you happier and less stressed.

Again you can achieve even greater results by connecting multiple spaces. Sliding doors between the living room and patio are the perfect addition.

Use Every Available Space

In addition to giving each room a purpose, it is vital that you learn to use all available space in each room. Every alcove or nook that does not get used is a wasted opportunity. Sadly, these issues will contribute to the perception that you lack space.

One of the most effective solutions is to choose wall-mounted products. From shelving to TV units, this can save valuable floor space. For the furniture and decor pieces that are still needed, opt for products where you can still see the floor. The line of sight can have a huge influence on how you view the room.

If a fancy home layout creates areas that could be turned into reading areas or storage areas, embrace it. If nothing else, the home will feel more personal.

Focus On Function

There is nothing worse than feeling that your home is not fit for purpose. Sadly, this can be the harsh reality for anyone who overlooks the importance of function. Conversely, when the property allows you to complete all daily tasks with ease, you will see the impact.

You can start the transformation by fitting a shower above the bathtub. Meanwhile, ensuring that your appliances all work as expected should aid the cause. When supported by the right mattress, you will find that there are fewer reasons to moan. So, even if the home is a little smaller than you’d like, it will be less noticeable.

Increased home security will promote a more relaxed mindset too. Your property will inevitably feel bigger and better than ever.