How To Make Money On Fansly?

Online content creators are a big part of the gig economy. While social media has proven to be a lucrative way to make money from content, many other platforms let you monetize personal, even R-rated, content. One such emerging platform is Fansly, which is quite similar to OnlyFans. 

Showing some skin, taking risky photos, and recording adult content can help pay the bills. OnlyFans, the website that made content subscriptions popular, currently has over 187 million users. What’s great about this platform is that it doesn’t take long to become one of the top onlyfans earners. In this case, persistence and creativity pay off.

If you’re considering creating content as a side hustle or even making it a full-time business, Fansly may just be the platform you need. Ever since the whole drama of OnlyFans taking down adult content and then backtracking, more and more content creators are considering other platforms with more lax policies. 

What Is Fansly?

Fansly is a content subscription website founded in 2020. It’s based in the US, and joining it is free. It’s essentially for posting NSFW content, but unlike OnlyFans, Fansly is more transparent about it. 

It allows the content creator to create subscription tiers, including free subscriptions. And fans can choose to subscribe to a creator and choose a particular tier. This is slightly different from OnlyFans, which only offers paid or free subscription options. This way, content creators have more flexibility, and fans have more options. 

The content you can post can be pictures or videos. Whatever you earn from your subscriptions, Fansly keeps 20 percent of that as its cut, which is pretty standard in the industry now. 

Why Consider Fansly?

Fansly has recently gained a lot of popularity, especially in the wake of OnlyFans becoming a less desirable option for content creators and sex workers. So many existing content creators and new ones are joining the website. 

What makes Fansly a good option is that it’s pretty clear-cut about allowing NSFW and lays down the terms and conditions very clearly. There’s no dubious language, and content creators can post adult content without worrying about getting censored. 

Also, Fansly has a discover page where fans can scroll and explore the content of different content creators, especially those they don’t follow yet. As a content creator, this allows you to get discovered on the platform without necessarily promoting your account on social media (but you still should). 

How To Make Money On Fansly?

If you’ve used websites like OnlyFans or JustFor.Fans, you’ll find that Fansly works similarly. You make money from your subscribers who pay a monthly fee to access your profile and content, or they may pay to view certain content, whatever way you have set up for your fans to pay. 

While anyone can join the platform, the truth is that standing out takes time and effort. Moreover, Fansly is still an emerging platform for content creators, so the user base is not that big. So here’s everything you need to know to make money from this platform:

The Basics

Of course, first, you need to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to register as a creator. Then comes the time for ID verification.

When registering as a creator, you must specify if you will post explicit content. Fansly doesn’t expect you to post explicit content but let’s be honest, that’s what most users post and most subscribers want. 

So if you want to make some real money, preferably quickly, you may want to check that explicit content box as ‘yes.’

Once you’re verified and accepted, you can add your payment details (bank account) and other profile information, including pictures. 

Set The Subscription Tiers

Now comes the critical task of setting up subscription tiers. You can set a tier as free or paid. It’s best to have a basic free tier and then have a couple of paid tiers. 

An alternative option is to keep only a free tier and charge money for viewing certain posts. Fans would be able to pay to access those posts. 

Make sure to think this through because it will impact your performance on the platform. Some fans may prefer access to all content with a monthly fee than paying every time they want to view some of your locked content. 

Decide The Price

If you’re just starting as a content creator and don’t have a considerable following elsewhere (for example, another content site or social media), you may want to keep your tier prices accessible. 

Some content creators start at $5 and work their way up. Even on other platforms, most content creator subscriptions range between $5 and $10. 

You can offer more explicit content for a higher tier price. Keep in mind that fans would also be able to tip you and may request personalized content. So that’s an additional way to earn money. 

Decide Content Niche

Not all NSFW content is the same, and not all users want the same thing. To stand out, you must find a niche within content creation, including adult content. 

Choose something you think you can confidently do and focus on that. For example, sexy cosplay can be a niche where you dress up as different characters. 

You can increase your appeal and make much more money by concentrating on a specific niche. 

Promote Yourself On Social Media And Collaborate With Other Creators

Even though Fansly has a ‘for you’ kind of page for users to discover creators, you would still need the help of social media to promote your subscription services. This is a bit tricky and risky as you must be careful about what you post on social media, as you can violate their terms and conditions. 

You can use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok; however, Twitter is the most liberal with its adult content policy. 

You’ll also need the help of other creators to create content and promote your profile. Even if your niche doesn’t call for collaboration with other creators, it’s a good idea to approach popular users from Fansly and other sites and ask them to give your account a shout-out. 

Try Your Luck On Fansly!

If you’ve made up your mind to post content online and earn money through subscriptions, Fansly is a reliable platform to consider. Joining it is free, and there’s potential for good money. Many online content creators have built fortunes with explicit and sometimes even not-so-explicit content. 

The key to making good money on Fansly is to stand out, so choosing a niche is necessary. You’ll also need to be your own marketing agent and aggressively promote your profile on other platforms.