How To Make Money On Instagram

With the growing number of Instagram influencers making a profit out of Insta, everyone wants to know how to make money on Instagram. The next day, it was merely a photo-sharing app, but now it has become a marketing app instead.

Instagram stories have contributed a lot to the rising popularity of Instagram. It has gained 700 million users since 2016. And now it has reached over one billion active users. It is due to Instagram has become an all in one platform. You can find pages of eatables, clothing, accessories, mobile phones, stores, and even online courses there.

But if you’re planning to make money on Instagram, where to get started? Here is a complete guide on how to make money from Instagram. We have chosen three main categories, upon which you can select what suits you.

Be An Influencer

The first thing that comes into everyone’s mind, especially teenagers, is’ If you want to make money on Instagram, become an influencer.’ But how do influencers make money out of their posts? Same question in your mind? Worry not, here’s the answer.

Unlike Youtube, Instagram is not paying anyone with more views or followers. Instead, influencers on Instagram get paid by the brands. Now you might be wondering why do brands pay them?

What if your favourite celebrity has posted a picture of a product with the caption ‘This is one of my favourites.’ You’ll probably run to get the product that your fav celeb recommended. In this way, Instagram influencers recommend various products that 60% of their Instagram Followers buy them. So being an influencer, you can partner with brands and, in return, get paid. One thing is for sure, don’t use hashtags that are banned – that will reduce your engagement.

Make Your Own Brand

Another way to make an income out of Instagram is by establishing your own brand. Where to get started?

Choose your niche first. Decide what products you’re going to target. Ask yourself questions. What are you good at? What is the best choice for you? What products will cost you less investment and more profit? Then decide your product.

The next thing is to build your profile. Instagram is all about photos. Choose the best content that is unique to your brand. Go for colourful backgrounds or aesthetic themes. Don’t forget to provide your website link in your bio; this looks professional and trustworthy.

Once you have maintained your profile, now it’s time to gain popularity. Increase your Instagram followers. Without this, your page is nothing!

And the last thing is to provide impressive customer support to satisfy your buyers.

Work As An Affiliate Marketer

You may also work as an affiliate marketer to earn money through Instagram. But this one is quite tricky. Here are some tips:

• Know where to start. Find Affiliate merchants or affiliate directly with brands.

• Choose multiple niches. Do not stick to just one niche. For example, if you love travelling and you’re good at OOTDs too, go for both.

• Come up with creative ideas to make the content about the products which would urge the audience to buy the product because you’ll only get paid when the product is going to sold.