Make Money By Selling Your Body (No, Not Like That!)

This is not a post on how to become a sex worker or even an OnlyFans model. This is a post about ways in which you can make money using your body without getting naked (or at least without having to show anyone your private parts). While many of us don’t realize it, parts of our bodies can be incredibly valuable. Below are a few different examples of ways in which you can use your body to make extra cash.

Sell pics of your feet

Many people have a fetish for feet and some of these people are willing to pay good money for private photos of feet (in some cases, $20 to $30 per pic). You don’t have to show any other body parts in these photos – simply your feet. There are sites dedicated to selling foot pics that you can look into online. By getting creative with foot photos and making sure that they’re high quality, you can earn more for your foot snaps. 

Become a hand model

Ever been complimented on how beautiful your hands are? Becoming a hand model could be a potential profession to look into. Hand models help to hold and position products for adverts. They get most of their work through modeling agencies (there are specialist agencies out there for hand models).

You’ll need to look after your hands to retain work – this involves keeping them clean and manicured. Full-time hand modeling can earn people anything from $14,000 to $368,000 per year. 

Sell your hair online

Human hair is used within extensions and wigs. While some people donate their hair, it’s also possible to sell your hair online. Certain types of hair can fetch more money – and obviously the longer the better. If you’ve got long hair and have been thinking of getting a trim, make sure not to throw those cuttings in the bin. By bagging up your hair and selling it via specialist sites, you could make upwards of $150 for your hair

Get cash for your selfies

It may be possible to cash in some of your best selfies. A good selfie could be potentially sold to businesses or used as a stock photo on blogs. Travel selfies are popular for this and are sometimes used by travel companies. Selfies with certain products could also potentially fetch you a lot of money – the brand may be willing to buy the photo off you. This post offers more information on selling your selfies

Sell your breast milk

Some new mothers who are breastfeeding find that they express more milk than they need to feed their babies. This excess milk could potentially be sold to other mothers who are not able to breastfeed their infant themselves but are still drawn to the benefits of breast milk.

The sale of breast milk is regulated via online milk banks – you will usually have to meet certain health requirements and the milk will have to be stored and delivered in a certain way. You can make $2.50 per ounce.