5 Ways to Make More Time in Your Schedule for Cycling

A busy life leads to difficult time-management decisions. By the time you get off of work, exercising may be the last thing on your mind. But with some small changes to your schedule, anything is possible.

1. Ditch the Car

Before you drive off to work, consider a better alternative. End of trip facilities has done a good job in accommodating workers from all backgrounds. If you can comfortably get to work by cycling, then prepare for an entirely new experience when waking up.

Spend your time enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells while cycling to work. There are things you miss when zipping by in a car, and people you never get to meet. If your city has bike lanes, then a trip to work becomes better every day.

2. Join A Cycling Group

Having like minds reaching for the same goal is a motivator. For cycling, that mindset makes it easy to create time since you are part of a group. Your group activity becomes a priority, and for some, that means it is the most important part of the day. If you feel down at any point, there will always be someone in the group that can relate.

3. Embrace the Morning

Mornings are the most notoriously difficult times to be motivated. You’re just waking up, and an entire day’s worth of activities await. But what happens if you wake up an hour earlier than usual? Instead of hopping out of bed and rushing the day forward, give yourself some breathing room to prepare.

Waking up an hour earlier than usual completely changes how you deal with mornings. Embrace your mornings, and cycling will always be the best part of any schedule.

4. Grab and Go

If you have an hour or extended lunch, then consider it cycling time. Stress builds up during work to the point that any break or lunch is an attractive option. Going from a productive day to nothing for an hour plus will completely wind down your system.

Use cycling to keep your mind and body active, and the rest of your workday productive. Once a break ends and the workday starts again, you’ll be energized until the evening.

5. Exchange Your Hobbies

How much time do you spend on social media? If the answer is more than half an hour, then consider it a hobby. Do you watch a lot of television per day? If it is more than an hour, then consider it a hobby. Add up all of those hours you spend on non-interactive hobbies, and then look at your bike.

If you cut a bit from each of your non-interactive hobbies, then scheduling time for cycling becomes a breeze. Remember, half an hour cycling is better than not cycling at all.

Time Management Matters

Cycling is great for your mental and physical health. Try not to take the fun out of it by making it seem like a burden. Make time for cycling, and its value will always be a priority in your life.