How to Make People Want to Come Back to Your Bar or Restaurant

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of trying to coax their customers back. People all around the world are absolutely terrified of the invisible killer that lurks just beyond the periphery of their homes.

In order for you to be able to convince your customers to return, you must implement safeguarding measures that will reassure them that they are not at risk of being the unknowing and unwilling recipient of any viruses or infections. There are many ways you can do this, and this page will tell you how.

You must, now more than ever, be understanding. People are scared, as you likely are, and while a business cannot run without its customers, you must sympathize and understand that they are human too, and they do not want to become infected with this virus.

Here is how you can make people want to return to your bar or restaurant and ensure their safety, and your own.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

It is incumbent upon you as a business owner to implement hand sanitizer stations. If members of the public are to be expected to return to your business, then you are equally expected to ensure their safety.

You can order bulk hand sanitizer on the internet very inexpensively. Hand sanitizer is suggested to be one of the most important tools in fighting the coronavirus, as it is most often transmitted by hand to hand contact, or hand to face contact.

Set up stations around the interior of your business, and plenty of them. This will allow customers to feel a lot safer, and allow them to relax, knowing that if they do touch any surfaces, they can quickly disinfect their hands.

Offer Gloves and Masks at the Door

Many businesses are now offering gloves and masks at their front doors. Some are offering them as a choice, others mandatorily. Whether you force your customers to wear masks and gloves or not, they should still be available.

Gloves and masks are key tools in the fight against this coronavirus, and without them, the virus would likely have spread much further than it did, and perhaps killed millions rather than hundreds of thousands.

Gloves can work to prevent people from infecting them with any viruses after touching surfaces and can mean that people can shake hands and have physical contact without the risk of hand-to-hand transmission.

Masks, similarly, prevent people from touching their faces and causing hand-to-face transmission. They also work to prevent you from inhaling or exhaling any virus particles and stop you from spreading it into the air.

A lot of businesses have used gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers to great effect, and that was how supermarkets were able to keep a hold on the virus through its highest peaks. Masks and gloves are very inexpensive and will encourage people to relax in your business, and they will likely bring their own anyway.

Enforce Social Distancing

Despite our governments deemed that social distancing is no longer necessary or reducing the distance thereof, you can still enforce social distancing in your restaurant or bar.

In a bar or restaurant, people are likely to be very close to each other, and a great way to enforce social distancing would be that you can only stand close to the people that you have come with and that you cannot mingle and talk to strangers freely. This is a fantastic way many businesses are intending on preventing further spread of the coronavirus.

Fever Testing

Many businesses are already doing this, and it is working massively. By thermally scanning the heads of everybody coming into your business, or simply just checking their temperature, you ensure that nobody with a fever can slip through.

While a fever does not always indicate a viral infection, it is still one of the main symptoms of a viral infection. If anybody attempts to come into your business with a temperature of over 37.5 degrees, you should turn them away, as they could potentially be a carrier of the coronavirus. A no-contact thermometer is your best option and can be picked up from a store very cheaply.

Zero Contact

Many bars and restaurants are suggesting that when they re-open, that they will not allow people to have physical contact with one another, which is perfectly reasonable. Similar to social distancing, zero contact is a very effective measure of reducing the spread of viruses between people who are friends or family.

Now you know a few ways you can ensure your reopening goes without a hitch and can ensure your customers return feeling safe and comfortable. Within months, a vaccine should be established, and all of this will no longer be necessary.