How to Make a Pinterest Post Popular?

Pinterest is an amazing platform to help you drive traffic to your blog and as of now, it has 478 million monthly active users, which means if you implement your Pinterest strategy the right way, your blog’s earning will be doubled in a matter of months.

Some users like to use a Pinterest growth service to help them grow their followers organically, whereas others use tactics to make their pins go viral and that’s only possible if you use the right strategy for your pins. Whether you’re creating pins for “top clothing” or “best recipes for vegan cakes”, implementing the following techniques will help you make your Pinterest post popular. Read below!

Make Pinnable Images

The first thing that will catch the eye of a user while scrolling through hundreds or thousands of pins is the aesthetic appeal of a pin’s image. Therefore, it’s important to create high-quality, vibrant, and attractive images to make your pin go viral.

You should always keep the image of your pin vertical as they tend to stand out the most among other pins and use catchy titles in the image along with vibrant colors to make the users click and save your pin right away.

Keep Repinning Your Old Pins

It’s normal for your old pins to get buried under the new pins as you create them. Even if they’re as old as a month, you should repin your old pins at least after two weeks to make them discoverable for your new followers. You can also repin your old pins in multiple relevant boards.

For instance, you can repin your old “best sunglasses design” pin in your other boards as well that are somehow similar to it such as “essential summer items” or “beach essentials”. This way, even your old pins may have an increased chance of getting popular.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Joining a Pinterest group board that is relevant to your niche will elevate the chance of your pin going viral. Group boards usually have thousands of followers and posting your pin in a group will increase the number of replies as you will be exposing your pin to such a massive audience. This will also help you gain new followers.

You can always read the group instructions before joining it or if you want, you can make your own group from scratch and use it to your own advantage.     

Optimize Your Boards and Pins

Many Pinterest users overlook the importance of optimizing their Pinterest boards as they tend to focus more on pins. Although both are equally important to help your pin rank on the search result.

You should search for the relevant title that your post is about in the Pinterest search bar, and it will show you recommendations. It is also a good idea to search for the relevant hashtags that your competitors are using in their Pinterest posts.  So, make sure you implement these techniques both in your board’s and your pin’s (description and title) to help your pins stand out.