How to Make Your Skin Look Best This Winter

Many of us struggle all year round to protect our skin from pollution, sweat and sunlight. However, winters are no different. While sunlight and temperatures are on the lower side, the weather is still dry and dusty and can make your skin look dull. Winter skincare could be a tough nut to crack but these tips will help you pull off good skin.

Wash It

Yes, the temperatures are freezing but that is not an excuse to not wash your face. Your skin is still exposed to germs and pollutants settling into those pores. Therefore do not let go of your face wash and cleansing routine just because it is cold. Continue washing and cleansing your skin regularly and wash your face at least thrice a day.

That being said, your regular face wash might make you feel drier during winters, especially if you are using products meant for oily or combination skin. In that case, try using a lighter formula meant for dry skin.

Moisturize It

Moisturizing is an all-year-round thing but it becomes even more vital during winters. Cold and dry weather makes your skin looks dry and patchy and moisturizing it generously is the only way to make it glow and plump.

As a matter of fact, your regular moisturizer might not be as effective in winters as it is otherwise. In that case, you might need to switch to a heavier formula in winter. Top it up with a good Vitamin C serum and an under-eye cream to finish your skincare regime.

Exfoliate It

Weekly exfoliation is still a must even in winters. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin and makes your skin cleaner and healthier. However, avoid using scrubs and products that are too harsh on your skin. A mild scrub massaged gently is good enough to get the job done.

Besides scrubs, you can use homemade organic masks or bentonite clay masks for more fruitful results. Indian bentonite clay masks have been a cult favorite product for quite some time.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is a bit annoying to be wanting to use the loo in winters, but cold temperatures should not be your excuse to cut down on your water intake. You might not be feeling hot, sweaty or thirsty but your skin still requires a lot of hydration and water to remain plump and healthy. Lack of water intake will kill its natural pigment making it look dull and patchy.

Tone Down the Makeup

No makeup looks have been a rage for a while now. Winters is the best time to try and sport those simple makeup looks. Since your skin is not sweating a lot at this time of the year, it is the best time to let it breathe and cut down the products that go onto your skin. Replace your heavy coverage foundations with a sheer coverage or moisturizing tints and concealers only.

You can add a drop or two of liquid illuminators to your moisturizer for a luminous look. Top it up with a cheek tint and a complementing lip gloss or lip stain. Do your eyes with good mascara and a liner for the evenings.