6 Important Tips for Making Animated Travel Vlogs for New Vloggers

Are you chasing to become the next PewDiePie? According to Google, he’s one of the best vloggers out there if you don’t know who that is. There are steps that such people follow to become great at what they do.

Being a new Vlogger is challenging since you don’t know much apart from taking that camera and shooting yourself as you talk about stuff. We are here to share with you a few tips for making animated travel Vlogs.

From a recommendable animated video maker to what you need to go viral, we have six essential tips for you to follow. Let’s see what will make you the next guru, especially where animated vlogs are concerned.

What Are Animated Travel Vlogs?

Vlogs are a series of videos where people take videos of themselves covering various topics. In this case, you will be covering the travel niche. So, animated travel vlogs are composed of either traveling introducing or providing some travel rules with some decoration of cartoon characters and animated elements.

Creativity is not limited to anything here; if you think of it, you can animate it. It’s tricky to reach the success area since it’s easy to create a Vlog. So, if you want to be the next guy people watch, here are a few tips to get you going.

They will involve a reputable animated video creator and tips around animated travel vlogs.

Tips for Making Animated Travel Vlogs for New Vloggers

1. Use a Superb Animated Video Maker

Making animated travel vlogs will require an animated video maker to help put the characters and story together.

Doratoon is a web-based animation maker that only requires you to create a free online account. You can therefore access it anywhere and make the best use of it. You can use Doratoon to create animations easily without downloading any software. Now, the main question is, why are we recommending this platform?

Once you have a Doratoon account, you will be able to perform the following:

• Create travel vlogs easily: You can access your account anywhere if connected to the internet. Adding characters and animated elements to your video is just a matter of dragging and dropping. So, creating an animated vlog will be quicker than you thought.

• Access to a loaded library: There are thousands of templates that can help you get started. So you don’t need to create a video from scratch. More to that includes numerous animated characters and stock images.

• Create paths for animated characters: You need those characters to move as you create the video. Doratoon helps with that by giving you the path-finding feature.

• Convert text to speech: You can also convert text into speech if you don’t have perfect audio to accompany the travel vlog. After typing the text, you can select the best voice to accompany the words of your vlogs.

• Use multiple orientations and video formats: Doratoon allows you to create animated videos in landscape and portrait orientations. You can also get a video in MP4 or PPT format.

• Import files: Do you want to add files to your video, you can import them from your local storage or the cloud. You can add music background, audio, video clips, and PowerPoint files.

• Various ways to export the travel vlog: You can export the video after creation in MP4 or PPT as suggested. Getting rid of the watermark or customizing it and sharing it directly to a preferred platform is also possible.

If you use a cartoon animated video maker like Doratoon, the job will be easier for you. You can enjoy the free plan for seven days after joining. After that, some budget-friendly subscriptions will help you create more stunning vlogs.

2. Prepare Your Equipment

Now that you have the Doratoon platform idea, it’s time to get ready by launching an account there. Do you need other things? Of course, you will still need a good camera where the recorded videos are concerned.

If you don’t have a good camera, ensure you have an excellent one on your phone. Since you will be using the online editing solution, you must equip yourself with some animation skills and video editing.

As we said before, you can convert text to speech. If you want to use different audio and background music, prepare that. But if you don’t have one, you can also enjoy millions of royalty-free vlog background music and clips on Doratoon site, making your vlogs more engaging and attractive.

3. Choose a Sharing Platform

Now that you have the idea, where will you share those videos after publishing? There are numerous options here, so it depends on which audience you are targeting. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, IG, and TikTok can be a start.

Other platforms include YouTube, Vimeo, or Blip.tv. It’s also much better to have a website to place those videos. These days, we have something we call cross-promotion. If you are a newbie in the vlog niche, then this is something you should consider.

Since you want to trend and reach more people, you can share videos on more than one platform. For example, if your main account is on Facebook, you can post the video there and then share that post with other channels.

In general, focus on where your audience is or where you have a guarantee of reaching more people.

4. Marketing and Sharing the Travel Vlog

You must consider the marketing aspect when you post on different platforms or the main one. You have already created something that will make people watch. So, posting a series of such will get more people coming your way. That is also how you earn subscribers and followers.

Consider using SEO strategies to get your video on more news feeds. Tag it with the most used keywords, phrases, and hashtags. Also, think about how you will gain more likes, comments, and other forms of engagement.

You can use platforms that help with the same but ensure you follow a legitimate path. Be consistent in posting and responding if you want to see money trickling back to you after some time.

5. Interact with the Followers and Viewers Frequently

People are following you and commenting on those travel vlogs as you post. So, don’t go quiet and keep posting. People may lose interest if you are not considering their opinion. We understand social platforms can become a hot terror bed.

On the other hand, lovely comments are sitting there, waiting for your action. Engage those people and ask them questions if you want more ideas about which should be your next video.

6. Don’t Stop!

If you are not getting enough ideas from the fans, you can watch more travel-related vlogs. That will help you brainstorm or learn about something else you can add. There are so many vloggers out there; some disappear after regular posting.

So, it’s a harsh world that requires the tough to keep going. If you disappear, the viewers will also do the same. So, be consistent in what you do and get inspiration from other sources.


Those are the six crucial tips that you can use to create animated travel vlogs. If you are a newbie in the industry, we hope those points will help you get a notch higher as you move forward.

Start by getting the right tools for video creation. One is a Doratoon account, and you can get that within a few minutes of browsing. Use it to create the animations and follow the rest of the tips and tricks to get the fruits out.