How Should A Classy Casual Man Dress?

In the words of ZZ Top, “Everyone goes crazy for a sharp-dressed man.” While a smart suit is sure to make heads turn, most men want to be comfortable and rugged. And that is how it should be; a smart appearance can and should be effortless. A man who adopts a smart yet casual look is bound to exude confidence in his everyday life, which will impress the people around him. 

There is just something about a person who embodies a classy style that is especially attractive. Classy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or fancy – you don’t have to be over the top; being classy is about pride, and carrying yourself in a way that exhibits confidence.

It’s well known that every man should have a few staple items in his closet that can make any outfit sleek yet effortless and casual. 

So, to help you find your inner suave style, let’s take a look at how a classy, casual man could dress.

Add One Classy Item to a Casual Look 

The first thing to note is that you do not have to give up your sneakers, hoodies, sweat pants, or any of your casual attire to look great and classy. The art of suave style is learning how to combine the two looks in a subtle, nuanced way.

Learn to combine smart styles with casual wear. For instance, the style experts from this site explain that a pair of jeans and a neat casual long-sleeved t-shirt is perfectly effortless. Top it with a smart coat or blazer and a decent pair of shoes, and now it’s classy, too!

Furthermore, nothing preempts a look from being classy if the fit is wrong, so make sure you know your measurements, especially when purchasing trousers. 

Accessorize with Accents

Women know how to transform an outfit by accessorizing it with their jewelry, ponchos, hairstyles, makeup, and more. But, many men aren’t as familiar with this concept. You’d be surprised how an otherwise casual outfit can become the epitome of classy and stylish just with one accessory. Scarves, belts, a nice watch, and a hat can often elevate a simple look.

Just take a look at Johnny Depp; his style is the epitome of rugged and suave with his casual attire and a hat and scarf draped over him. So,  if you were to learn anything from this, it should be to become acquainted with some of the best hat styles for men and incorporate them into your looks. 

Embrace a Neutral Color Palette

We don’t mean to cramp anyone’s individual style, but every classy man has got to have some ensemble pieces in their wardrobe that match! Neutral colors really help you to achieve that sleek look, so make sure you have enough pants and shirts within the same color palette.

You can always be a little daring with bright patterns whenever you feel like it, but you have to embrace those neutral colors as well. 

Stay Dapper

Another common misconception that men have when it comes to enhancing their style is that they reserve looking dapper for the evenings or special occasions. Understandably, men want to remain laid-back and effortless during the day. But we are here to debunk this age-old argument that smart and fancy are synonymous. 

The truth is, most men don’t think about the myriad of options that there are for smart casual wear. 

For instance, men need to get reacquainted with cardigans. Women wear them and men have no idea what they’re missing out on. Another great choice is polo shirts because they are great for business and pleasure, but men often only refer to polo shirts when they have an appointment and not something they would wear on their day off.

But pairing this type of shirt with nice comfy cargo or Bermuda shorts is one of the most comfortable and effortless looks a man could achieve. You can even add your favorite comfy casual footwear to the mix, and still, look smart – yet you would feel as laid-back as ever. 

The key to keeping casual wear classy is knowing how to dress up your outfit so that it looks more sophisticated. People tend to look their best when they feel the most comfortable, which is why comfort is essential when it comes to picking out your attire for any event.

So, follow the tips mentioned above, and you’ll soon be sporting some casual and dapper looks. Every man deserves to feel confident and stylish, and he can accomplish this look in the most effortless way.