5 Best Ways To Manage Your Facebook Account

As the world is getting more and more progressive, there is cutting-edge technology with new inventions and upgrades all the time. Technology has certainly made our lives easier. Social media and networking sites have made it possible for people to connect from all parts of the world.

You can be anywhere and have a chat with your loved ones. Not just the loved ones, people have been increasingly taking a liking to connect with strangers on Facebook for a long time now. Socializing and making friends is a good thing but as is the case with everything, every coin has two sides.

While with all the benefits, there are also harms and risks. We are sure you must have read about the privacy concerns of Facebook. There are often rumors going around everywhere about the data-leaking, privacy-breaching shenanigans. There is also a great risk of your account being hacked by any other stranger with impure intentions.

In such circumstances, all you need to do is some tips to help you be safe and secure.

1. Update All The Necessary Details

This is a basic unsaid rule of Facebook. The lesser details you have on your account, the more it is prone to hacking or a ban. Facebook can easily detect when someone has made a fake account and would do its best to remove the account.

To avoid this, you need to fill in all the genuine details in your profile that you are asked for. This just goes on to show that you’re not a fake and have a genuine account. The basic details such as your full name, the workplace, the school, date of birth, contact number, a profile picture of yourself, etc. are the must-haves. This goes on a great way to protect your account from any threats.

2. Avoid Too Many Strangers

One of the basic purposes of Facebook is to connect with strangers from other parts of the world. Granted, it is a great way to socialize and an incredible way to meet new people but too many cooks spoil a broth. This should be done to a certain limit.

If your account is filled with all the strangers from various parts of the world, and almost no family or friends, your account is in danger of getting a red-mark. Make sure you keep it limited to a certain amount and don’t go overboard.

3. Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is being applied at all the places on the internet now. It is a great method to keep you safe and secure. The process allows you to be worry-free as it goes a great way to ensure only you are able to access the account. You can find this option in “Account > Settings & Privacy > Two Factor Authentication”. You will be asked to put your number in for increased security.

When you have turned on the process, FB will ask you for the first login with the code you have received in your mobile number. This way, even if someone has your password, they will still not be able to login into your account without the code on your mobile phone. 

4. Protection Against Outsider Attacks

There are various types of unethical hacking methods such as phishing, keylogger, etc. that can trap you into giving your account and you wouldn’t even know it. It is as easy as ABC for them. Even with strong passwords and smart combinations, you would unintentionally give in to their traps. Facebook has an option of “Get Alerts From Unrecognized Devices”.

As the name tells you, it would tell you whenever your account is logged in from an unfamiliar device or location. After you enable it, even if anyone has all your details, you would get the notification immediately. You can choose to get the alert on your account, phone number as well as on your email address.

In such a case, you need to instantly change your password and log out from all other devices. This is a great option to be more secured.

5. Keep Up Your Engagement 

Likes, comments, and reactions are integral parts of Facebook. This is what we know as engagement. Managing your account’s reach and activity can get tricky due to Facebook’s algorithms. Make a publishing schedule and post creative content regularly. This will help you keep your account stable.

If your activity is getting stale, you can take outside help. There are websites that can help you get more Facebook post likes in minutes. There are plenty of trustworthy websites from where you can buy Facebook likes legitimately. 


Facebook is indeed the king of social media. More people are active on here than on any other platform. There are plenty of ways you can use it for your good. To do that, you have to learn to manage your account.

These tips do seem quite basic but they go a great length in securing your account and keeping it active. By following all of them, you will never be in any kind of danger and socialize without any concerns. Happy Facebooking!