Doing It Right: How to Manage Your Mortgage Properly

Mortgages help people to acquire properties and homes at times when their financial means are not yet sufficient. Time is of the essence when you want to buy a real estate property due to the tendency of real estate to appreciate in the coming years.

Thus, being able to get a loan and purchase a home or property can make you work out your dream of having a home of your own.

Loans may seem like a sweet deal at first, but you need to be sure to manage the corresponding mortgage of your home to ensure a secure and worry-free living. We’ll explore some of the ways in which you can manage your mortgage properly.

Set Up a Regular Overpayment or Avail of a Redraw Facility

One of the most convenient ways of managing your mortgage with the least possible effort is to pay your mortgage on time and pay a little extra on top of your monthly due amount. If you develop a habit of overpaying your mortgage, you can save money on interest payments.

If you plan to make use of the amount you have overpaid in the future, you can choose a financial institution that offers a redraw facility. You can not only save on mortgage interest, but you can also make use of part of the total money you overpaid for emergency expenses and urgent home renovations and repairs.

Consider the Remortgage or Refinancing Option

At the course of your mortgage payment, you may realize that you are stretching yourself thin with the current monthly mortgage rate that you are paying. Remortgage or refinancing is a good option if you want a better rate for your mortgage and if you are looking for a more affordable monthly payment option and a low-interest rate.

Mortgage brokers and advisors from Hello Mortgage offer a word of caution when going for this option: there may be individuals or groups that will try to take advantage of your situation.

Thus look out for warning signs such as institutions or sites that ask for upfront payment or personal information sites that offer limited-time offers and sites that claim to be government-sponsored.

If you need remortgage advice, go for firms that have authorization and are regulated by relevant governing bodies, those that have transparent data protection policy, and those that have qualified or licensed professionals.

Consider a Buy to Let Option

If you are considering making some profit out of your residential property by renting it out, this can be your go-to option. You may need to request permission to let your property if your initial mortgage arrangement was for a regular residential mortgage.

If you’re still in the process of paying for the property or applying for financing, a buy to let mortgage can be your viable option.

Keep in mind that a higher deposit may be required for this option (25% or above of the property’s value) and you need to prepare for the several requirements once you become a landlord. Nevertheless, once all these have been taken care of, you can then work on meeting your mortgage responsibilities and earning a bit of profit for yourself.

Look Into Changing Your Repayment Date

Another easy option for managing your mortgage is to change your repayment date. This is particularly convenient if you are juggling other monthly expenses and household costs. You can reschedule your payment to a date where it doesn’t coincide with other payments or the time when you will be buying groceries. 

Another option is to set up an Auto-Debit Arrangement with the lending institution or to arrange with your company’s payroll department to automatically deduct a portion of your pay during payday. This way, you can ensure that the monthly mortgage can be paid directly and on schedule and you don’t have to worry about diverting your intended mortgage payment to other things.

Having an efficient way of managing your mortgage can give you a lot of benefits. It helps you live securely and conveniently without worrying about notices of late overdue accounts.

Being able to pay your mortgage in a timely and sufficient manner can help improve your credit rating and open options for new loans and better mortgage arrangements. Thus, it really pays to be diligent and smart with your mortgage management.