Beauty Hacks: How Marine Collagen Helps You Gain A Natural Glow

Marine collagen is a protein that has the highest bioavailability, which is the proportion of a substance that enters your body systems. This means that for every amount of substance taken, more of it enters the body circulation and so, has a stronger effect.

It is also a complex structural protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligament, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails, and hair. Derived mostly from the head, scales, skin, and bone structures of fresh or saltwater fish, marine collagen is a Type 1 collagen, which is the most abundant collagen in the human body. This type of collagen is best known for providing the foundation for beautiful skin, healthy connective tissues, and sturdy bones.

Our skin consists mainly of Type 1 collagens, and because of this, it’s not surprising that marine collagen can benefit the skin. Read on below an exclusive beauty hack that would help you understand how marine collagens help you gain a natural glow.

Anti-Aging Effects

Taking marine collagen helps prevent and improve any signs of skin aging by increasing your body’s supply of Type 1 collagens. In doing so, your skin will achieve improved smoothness, better moisture retention, increased suppleness, and prevention of deep wrinkle formation around your face and throughout your body.

Increased Skin Hydration And Moisturization

Most marine collagens come with variants such as hydrolyzed marine collagen, which consists of peptides of small molecular weights that are easily absorbed, consumed, and disseminated by the body. Research conducted in 2015 well into the Open Nutraceuticals Journals states how countless scientific studies have already been done to demonstrate the efficiency, effectiveness, and advantages of using collagen peptides on skin structures.

The remarkable results include hydration, elasticity, blemish, and wrinkle reduction. Findings also suggest that hydrolyzed collagen has always been an ingenious tool in the day-to-day battle against unwelcome and visible skin conditions.

Facial Bones Healing And Regeneration.

Marine collagen has repeatedly demonstrated its capacity to improve the body’s internal and natural production of collagen in various ways that are both beneficial to human health and the skin in particular.

However, aside from promoting healthy and glowing skin, studies have also shown that collagen peptides from fish skin have quite a significant impact on bone health through increased bone mineral density and anti-inflammatory stimulation on osteoarthritis.

Thus, taking marine collagen supplements or powders will help you achieve that perfectly healthy cheek and jawbone. Such an ideal built of facial bones would complete that glam of your glowing skin.

Wound Healing

Fish collagen might help your next acne, your scratches, or your more severe wounds to heal better and faster. This is because the ability of an injury to heal is ultimately based on collagen, which is essential because it helps a body form new tissue.

Specifically, type 1 collagen, common among fish and marine organisms, is the most abundant structural component of the skin. So it makes perfect sense that having more type 1 collagen in your body helps to heal faster because type 1 collagens patch up broken layers or structures of the skin and regenerates it to its original form and anatomical structure.

Surely, blotches of acne and scars would ruin any glowing skin, no matter how radiant it would be. To avoid such blemishes from happening, consider adding marine collagen powder to your glass of juice or your mug of coffee next time.

Cell Regeneration

It was previously believed that collagens are just a component of the cell that forms fibroblasts, a network of cells upon which new cells can grow. Now, because of research’s perpetual quest for answers and solutions, we know the collagen and collagen-derived fragments also control many cellular functions, including cell shape and differentiation, cell migration, as well as the synthesis of several essential proteins.

Marine collagen also plays a critical role in all phases of cell homeostasis, proliferation, and remodeling, which are essential cellular processes that promote cell growth, replication, and regeneration. In other words, marine collagen aids in the various methods within the cells that, in turn, radiates a positive effect in our body — including a naturally glowing skin.

Components of marine collagen, particularly those found on marine collagen powders and supplements, have very particular protein profiles. These proteins are often not fully synthesized as free amino acids when marine collagen is ingested which makes them activate cells throughout the skin, joints, and bones. Furthermore, they contribute to the production of the body’s natural collagen by stimulating the cells.

Antibacterial Abilities

Research out of Canada published in 2016 found that marine collagen has yet another vital component, which is collagencin, an antibacterial protein from fish collagen. This recent study found that collagencin completely inhibits the growth of staphylococcus aureus, or more commonly known as a staph infection. Staph Infection is a severe, highly contagious infection caused by bacteria often found on the skin or in the nose.


Glowing skin is a trophy for most women, but having a healthy one is even more rewarding. Taking marine collagens is one of the best ways for you to achieve this radiantly glowing skin. On top of that, marine collagens allow you to realize that glowing skin while also enhancing your cells for more youthful skin along the way.

Thus, take into consideration the benefits of marine collagen mentioned above, you would be confident that you will have that glowing, healthy, and youthful skin all in one.