7 Best Snapchat Marketing Hacks for Your Restaurant

Did you ever hear about Snapchat marketing?

Or do you know how Snapchat can boost your business growth?

There is so many social media platform through you can effectively do your restaurant marketing and Snapchat marketing is always in one of the top positions in that list.

Let’s start from the basics!

What is Snapchat marketing?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app with approximately 84.8 million active users. Here the messages and images are only available for a short period of time and they get inaccessible to the recipient after the time constrain.

With the help, of a Snapchat business account, you can effectively reach out to potential customers with your specific filters. Users in Snapchat are considered extremely potential and useful for marketers. With the feature called Snap audience match, you can find your exact target audience and information like email address and mobile device IDs for sales purposes.

Why you should market your restaurant business on Snapchat?

Snapchat is recommended as a great tool for business marketing. Since this platform is mostly used by millennials and Gen Z category users, marketers can easily drive potential customers to their business. Recently, Snapchat launched a few and advanced features that can ultimately beneficial for restaurants and cafeterias.

There are some strong benefits for restaurateurs to consider Snapchat as a great marketing platform.

Less competition: Like any other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Snapchat has comparatively less competition and has a great chance to reach out to potential customers easily. If you can do practice effective marketing strategies then stand out from the competitors are seamless.

Unique: Snapchat has different functionality from other social media platforms. You can easily get new customers from these platforms. It has a similar appearance to that of Instagram stories, in which it can be completely modeled off on Snapchat. Hence contents can be effortlessly shared on both.

Custom Geo filter: Recently Snapchat has introduced advanced features called custom Geo filter that is an ultimate game changer for restaurant businesses. This unique and brand-new feature helps marketers to make creative and location-specific overlay filters. This feature allows you to add your filter on top of the list along with other videos and pictures that have the same location as yours.

People usually use watch your filters for fun but at the same time, you will get promotions for your restaurant brand. Hence Snapchat with this feature is considered an extremely useful tool for branding and promotion.

For this, all you need is to pick an appropriate design, choose an area that you want to launch your promotion, and then pay an amount of about £ 4.27 for some hours to launch and run the ad within an area of about 20,000 square feet and then you can see the power and benefit of using Snapchat for your business.

If you want to can also add this in your story’s external links. This will help you to direct your followers to your website or online ordering app.

Let’s see the best 7 marketing hacks for your restaurant business.

There are so many restaurant marketing ideas that can be used in Snapchat to improve your brand visibility and sales. Let’s see one by one.

1. Use the top-down approach

Sounds confusing? Let me explain!

Post regularly with a consistent frequency is highly essential for entering with the potential customers as well as finding new customers. Don’t expect any miracle from any online platform which constantly posting your business updates and engaging with users. Great engagement and conversion start from relevant and consistent business offers and updates.

Your line graph for customer engagement in the growth chart will show a great increase by posting the optimal quantity of relevant updates frequently. At the same time, without building a good relationship with the influencers it will be quite difficult to withstand Snapchat even the competition is less.

For instance, if an influencer with around 5 million followers posts a promotion or update about your business. Then at least an organic traffic of about 2% will surely reach your website or online ordering app along with not less than 50000 impressions you will get.

Exciting, right?

Studies show that about 90% of people are more likely to trust influencers than advertising. These social network influencers or stars can provide you a sizeable amount of genuine customer engagement around your brand.

Ever think that what it takes to reach out to millions of followers on Snapchat?

Just one viral moment.

But for that posting regularly about your business updates and consistent engagement with the followers are necessary.

You will not be found relevant influencers on Snapchat, so you use other platforms too. This helps in cross-channel networking.

2. Discount snaps

Discounts are something people always love. You can even offer discounts for customer who shares a dining experience at your restaurant on their Snapchat stories. This is one of the main techniques marketers used to reach more customers. This is quite A fair offer where both the parties will be happy with the results.

This will also help in repetitive business. By offering discounts, first of all, you will get a loyal customer, and secondly, by sharing the same on Snapchat stories you will get more customers.

3. Exclusive and engaging content

In the Snapchat stories, you can add creative and engaging content and it will remain for 24 hours on the story and it will disappear and can’t access by you anymore. The wide array of filters and editing features makes Snapchat an amazing platform for sharing relevant and engaging content. Those relevant stories, in the end, will get more engagement and attention, and you will get more sales.

One main advantage of Snapchat is that you don’t need any professional food pictures as in websites; here you can even add selfies with your customers without thinking much about the perfections. But be sure to add genuine pictures.

4. Preview of new recipes

Videos and photos can be easily added to Snapchat but it will remain there only for a few seconds because Snapchats are an ideal platform for small previews. So it is better to add previews of your new recipes. It is the best way to drive more customers to your restaurant business.

More than pictures, small videos have can create more enthusiasm in followers. Then people will be much likely to try out your new dish at your restaurant or through takeaways.

Even if you own a local restaurant, having a Snapchat account is beneficial. According to the study conducted in London in 2020, it shows that 55% of people go online whenever try feel like eating something.

So maintaining a professional and user-friendly Snapchat account will help in generating more customers. You can even use restaurant digital marketing ideas to make it even more effective. So if you are adding links to your website or online ordering app then it must navigate precisely and your followers must be able to find the restaurant menu, working hours, and address.

5. Make your snaps more interesting by using filters, emojis, and drawings.

Snapchat is different from ads. So people want to see that uniqueness in your stories. It can be easily done with the help of the right filters, emojis, and drawings. Your stories and snaps should feel relatable, interesting, and engaging. You need to make the conversation a little more engaging and fun.

This can be easily done through geographic filters lenses, and drawings. If you wish to make the snaps even more engaging then you can buy filters and lenses for your restaurant brand. Or else there are so many sponsored lenses that help in creating interactive ads and that are extremely appealing and engaging.

6. Add your Snapcode to other social media platforms.

Your followers are not only on Snapchat. So adding your Snapcode to all other social media platform will help in building cross-channel connection and make your business account looks more genuine and credible. You can add your Snapcode, users can scan it, and helps you to be a part of their friends’ list. Adding a restaurant logo along with the Snapcode is helpful in making your brand unique from the rest.

You should maintain a good level of patience in making more customers because it doesn’t happen overnight. You should stay focused and post snaps and stories regularly. If you are looking to drive more millennials and Gen Z audiences, then Snapchat is the ultimate platform for your business.

7. Coupons and promotions

Add coupons and promotion codes on your Snapchat and it will remain there for a limited period of time. Since it is only available for a short time span, people have a high tendency to purchase it before it goes away from their hands.

Through this method, you can easily generate curiosity in your followers and drive them to your website and online ordering apps. Use the term “limited edition” on your promotion to acquire this easily.

Since the awareness about the limitation of time will make your users more incentive and stay up to date with your brand account.