Marketing Strategies for Your Business that Match Our Modern World

Advancements in technology have made marketing easier than ever before. Today, it seems that every business needs an online presence to get by.

With a little hard work and creativity, you can use modern marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. There are different marketing strategies to choose from, depending on what your business prefers. 

Here are 6 marketing strategies for your company that match our modern world. 

1. Build a Highly Functional Website

Your website is sometimes a person’s first interaction with your company. You need it to be a good one. Create a unique website that doesn’t look like any other template out there. Use colors and design to portray the aesthetic you want people to associate with your brand. Use plenty of branding in the design, too.

People need websites that are easy to navigate, so make things easy to read. Don’t use fonts or colors that are difficult for users. You should also clearly label internal links and other items. Keep important information, such as contact information, right on the main page. Consider having a focus group go over the website for you to give you their input. 

It’s not enough to simply create a website. You have to keep it active. You should update it regularly. Another way to keep it active is to post a weekly or monthly blog. The regular blog not only demonstrates your status as an expert in your field, but it also improves your status in search engines. 

2. Utilize social media

Everyone is on social media today. People browse social media when they are looking to kill time. Many people access their social media accounts multiple times a day. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make use of this tool. Plus, it’s free to use! It will just take some effort on your part. 

First, you need to get people to follow you or be your friend on social media. This will allow them to see your posts in their newsfeed. Some people don’t necessarily want to add a business, so you need to give them a reason. Offer discounts exclusively available on social media. You should also add some humorous or heartwarming content to keep your customers entertained when they come across your page. 

If you’re not getting the views that you were hoping for, you should consider getting help from social media influencers. Social media influencers are people who have won the social media game. They have tons of followers. As the title suggests, they have influence over their followers. For a fee, they will promote your business for you. 

3. Link Building

If you want to increase your presence in search engines, you need to get other people to link to your website and blog. However, this will take some work on your part. In the article, 9 Most Common Link Building Myths And Mistakes SEO Agencies Make, Adam White, founder of SEOJet, explains that one of the major link building myths is that if you just write amazing content people will automatically link to that content.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. You need to encourage people to link to your content. Write guest blogs on other sites that include links to your blog and include internal links in your blogs when possible. You can hire people to help create these links to your site in their content as a reference if necessary.

4. Email Marketing

When people buy from you, you should get their email. You should also have a form on your website that allows people to sign up for your email notifications. Send out emails with promotions and new products. Now, people get promotional emails constantly. You need to make yours valuable and enticing. Make the subject lines something interesting but small enough to read on a cell phone (roughly 7 words). 

5. Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are a place for industry people to come together and promote themselves. You get a chance to examine the competition while making connections. You buy a booth at the trade show and sell yourself. You need to stand out while at a trade show since they are notoriously busy.

You don’t want a larger company to over shine you. Use big, bright banners. You should also give away gifts that stand out, and plenty of merchandise. A huge bag or balloon with your logo will stand out among all of the other gifts and banners. Bring your best people to represent you, since you want to make a good impression.

If your products or services are related to food, you can exhibit a live cooking demo like with what happened to Electrolux cooking experience event. If related to clothing, you can hand out branded shirts, hoodies to your workers, and talk about tips for becoming a good merch maker by your personal example and impress your listeners.

If your business works on leads, this is a great opportunity to generate hot leads for your top sales people. Trade shows are a significant expense, so do your best to make it worth your while. Go to the right trade show in your area and milk it for everything it’s worth. 

6. Apps

People are attached to their phones today. It’s a good place to reach people about what you can do for them. Start by getting people to download a unique app designed for your company. The app is great for a loyalty program.

They can use their app during purchases to gain points. After a certain amount of points, they should get something for free or with a significant discount. Apps can be a significant expenditure, so it might not be best for a brand new company. You want to build a customer base first. 

7. Networking

No matter how digital the world gets, it’s important to stick to face-to-face networking. While digital advertising may take you to the next level, you still need to know how to manage in person communications.

Make yourself seen at networking events and charity events in your community. Wear clothes with your logo on it, and have a stack of business cards ready for anyone who might benefit from your products. 

Modern marketing is something you should embrace. Use these methods and get started now so you can see the results as soon as possible.