4 Marriage-Killing Issues And How To Deal With Them

People often wonder why their marriage is not working out the way they think it should be, sometimes not even realizing the main issue. They are usually trying to put out the small fires and not really giving much thought to the main problem that is causing all of these sub-issues. Luckily, you can find out what exactly is killing your marriage and take action to stop it from getting worse.

Lack of Communication

One of the main reasons for the failure of a marriage is lack of communication. This can be quite an issue, whether it is in the form of silent treatment given to your partner, withdrawal from any discussions, or even distancing when facing an obstacle or in daily life.

Communication is key when you are married because you and your partner need to be on the same page or at least be aware of where the other person stands when it comes to certain discussions and issues that you might face. Simply avoiding the issues or withdrawing is just going to end up causing more rifts and miscommunication.

To overcome this, you need to constantly discuss what is on your mind with your partner, even if you do not want to cause an argument. Being honest and talking through your issues is going to ensure that there is not going to be any underlying contempt building up.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a major reason that marriages are destroyed. Substance abuse can cover a range of things starting from drug use, alcoholism, and abuse of prescription medication. If your partner is doing drugs or has a history of drug abuse, you need to communicate your stance on this. You also need to encourage them to seek help to get over their addiction.

Many helpful platforms could help you find ways on how to prevent drug addiction from ruining your marriage and on how you can seek different kinds of help. Being supportive and sticking by their side through the toughest of times is very important in this case.

Unrealistic Expectations

Unfortunately, sometimes people put their partners on very high pedestals and expect perfection which is quite unrealistic. Unrealistic expectations are usually frustrating because you will never be content with your partner even if they are exerting their utmost efforts to meet your needs. This is because what they do is still not up to your expectations of what they should do. As a couples counseling in Harrisburg asserts, some of these expectations can be good, some of them can be wrong, or unfair.

While expectations are normal to have in a relationship, you need to ensure that they are not going to cause you undue disappointment. No one is perfect and you need to understand that both you and your partner are going to have issues to work through, even if you are an easy-going couple.

Money Issues

Money issues could prove to be very stressful at times. Whether these issues are due to spending habits or debts, they can be pressuring and cause tension in a marriage.

You can work out your monetary issues by simply talking them out with your partner and setting up an agreed-upon plan towards solving these issues. This can be a simple budget or you could discuss spending habits that you or your partner need to limit so that your marriage is not overwhelmed with money issues that could create negativity and pose a serious problem, even though it could be worked out from the very beginning.

Now that you are aware of these four marriage-killing issues that can affect you and your partners, you can take the necessary steps to preserve your marriage and your relationship from being ruined.

Remember that any issues you have with your partner can be worked through if you focus on clear communication and trying. The moment you stop trying to keep your marriage together, it is a lost cause and you are going to be heading towards dangerous territory.