How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Fitness Level

Staying out of your comfort zone takes time and effort. People have to make tough decisions, take action, and do something new if they want to improve something in their lives. It can be changing their career, enhancing their relationship, or starting to focus on their health.

If people want to focus on their health, the first thing that they’ll consider is hitting the gym. They’ll likely do some lifts and get a personal gym instructor. But did you know that there’s so much more to do than this? If you want to get and stay out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never tried before, consider learning martial arts.

This article will teach you how martial arts can improve your fitness level.

1. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

The training drills will help ramp up your heart rate when doing martial arts. Some training combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. According to one study, a person only needs 16 weeks of martial arts training to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

If you can perform energy-intense activities, your heart can also perform well. You can develop cardiovascular endurance. Most importantly, it’ll pump out blood throughout your body more effectively. Therefore, if you want to work on your cardiovascular health, it’s now time to invest in martial art memberships.

2. Develops Muscle And Bone Strength

Martial arts allow you to use your body strength to fight your opponent. By doing so, you can build muscles to improve your strength and muscle endurance. Additionally, they’ll help you increase your muscle mass and make them more toned.

To further increase your muscle strength, repetitive movements such as punching and kicking are necessary. These movements require enough power from your muscles. That way, they can effectively work while you’re fighting your opponent.

Aside from this, martial arts also help your bones become stronger. They improve your bone density. This way of strengthening your bones will prevent fractures and breaks while doing physical activity. All you need to do is ensure you can take enough calcium in your diet.

3. Reduces Your Weight

As mentioned before, martial arts can increase your muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass will contribute to your weight loss. It’s because muscle mass and metabolism are linked together.

Your metabolic demands will also increase if you tend to have more muscle mass. A moderate training level will help you lose at least 500 calories per session. Another interesting fact is that you can lose calories even if you’re at rest.

martial arts improve your fitness level

4. Refines Your Body Movement

Another advantage of martial arts training is that it’ll help you make your body move faster and more efficiently. It’s because this kind of physical activity requires mobility and agility. It needs you to make movements at a more incredible speed.

If you can maneuver your body at higher speeds, you can also enhance your reflexes and reaction time. In addition, it develops fast-twitch fiber in your muscles, making you demonstrate your strikes, evasions, and lateral movement correctly and successfully. Hence, you can perform your martial art techniques much quicker, and with your muscle mass, it’ll lead to greater agility, mobility, and power.

Martial arts also work on your flexibility. High-kicking, dodging attacks, striking, and grappling-based martial arts require a high level of flexibility. If you develop your flexibility consistently, you’ll increase the range of your motions. It’ll also reduce the risks of obtaining possible serious injuries.

Taking martial arts classes is an excellent way to take your spatial awareness and coordination to the next level. With sparring, you must use your visual senses to observe your opponent. It’d help if you looked at your opponent’s moves, tactics, and techniques.

Using your eyes, you can acquire visual input to deliver into your brain. Then, your brain will guide which part of your body you should use to take the appropriate self-defense actions you need. The more aware you are, the more you will beat your opponent. The key is always to keep yourself aware and have good body coordination.

You’ll also learn proper balance and stability to avoid falling, hurting, and injuring yourself. Aside from these, your progressive body movements can benefit you because you can use them in your day-to-day activities. Most importantly, it’s essential to know martial art skills to perform self-defense maneuvers in case of real threats such as harassment.

5. Boosts Your Mental Health

Aside from physical fitness, martial arts can also improve your mental fitness. They promote better memory and learning skills. Moreover, they help you gain focused attention.

If you have focused attention, you can learn and memorize all your acquired martial arts skills and use them in the future if necessary. Also, you can practice your self-discipline and self-responsibility while doing this. If you think you’re disciplined and responsible enough, you’ll start feeling good about yourself.

Starting to feel good about yourself will make you confident. Aside from this, your body tends to release endorphins that allow you to reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and promote physical relaxation during your training. Ultimately, you’ll have a stable state of mind that will lead you to have nights of better-quality sleep.

6. Nurtures Your Social Skills

In martial arts classes and sessions, you’ll likely meet people with the same interests and goals as you. You can further your communication skills by talking to them. Also, you can further expand and diversify your knowledge by learning from people around you. While taking your martial arts classes, you can make friends with other martial arts students.


Starting and exploring martial arts is a big step to take, especially if you’re new to this field. But if you want to do whatever it takes to improve your fitness level and prioritize your health, there’s no harm in trying. It’s an excellent alternative or addition to your usual exercises at the gym. So, consider learning martial arts and get yourself in better shape. That way, you can achieve your next-level fitness goals.