Best Massage Type for Runners

One of the most physically demanding sports out there is running. The body takes a lot of punishment, and it needs to be adequately taken care of to avoid injury.

Massages are one way that runners can pamper themselves after a long run. There are many different types of massages that runners can experience, but this blog post will focus on the best type for them: deep tissue massage!

Deep Tissue Massage: Best for Runners

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. It is often used to:

• treat chronic pain for runners
• help relieve tension or tightness in muscles
• reduce stress levels
• improve mobility in joints

It also enhances blood circulation throughout the entire body, which delivers nutrients to cells faster than usual, resulting in increased stamina and energy. Just like a sports massage, a deep tissue massage helps with injury prevention before a run and promotes healing after a run.

The deep pressure of this technique can be intense for some people who are unfamiliar with it. Deep tissue massage therapists use slow strokes along the grain of muscle fibers enabling them to push through restricted tissues using their elbows or knuckles.

This helps break up scar tissue adhesions that may have formed due to an injury at an earlier age. The process also releases endorphins into the bloodstream resulting in relief from physical discomfort.

Deep tissue massages work well for runners because they loosen up tense muscles while also promoting blood circulation. As a result, the massage helps to provide relaxation from aches and pains.

How Does a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Execute it?

After a long run, the most common places to get sore are the calves, hamstrings, and lower back. You, therefore, want to massage these areas to loosen up the muscles, providing you with relief.

A massage therapist will begin by massaging the calves, then the hamstrings, your lower back, and finish up on other parts of the body. During this process, the therapist will use gentle strokes to apply pressure to the muscles.

The therapist may also use specific techniques like kneading and cross-fiber friction, which help loosen up tight muscle fibers for blood to flow more freely through them. This should result in a lessening of pain throughout your body.

It would be best to be prepared for a bit of pain for those sensitive to the applied pressure in a deep tissue massage. Alternatively, you can choose a different massage type for runners that does not involve such intense pressure application.

If you are too sore to go for a run after your massage session, then it’s probably time to take some time off or find another form of exercise that doesn’t involve as much strain on your body, such as yoga or walking.

You should schedule at least one deep tissue massage per month if you want to continue running without pain or discomfort.

Final Thoughts

We know that runners are some of the most durable people on earth. They’re constantly pushing themselves to their limits, going for a run in all weather conditions, and sometimes they even train through the pain! As such, it could be no surprise that these folks can experience tightness in their muscles after long runs or intense training sessions.

If you find yourself feeling this way, we recommend giving your tired body a deep tissue massage today!