Tips to Avoid Going Beyond Your Mileage Limit for a Leased Car

When money is tight, and you’re not yet ready to invest in a new car, you can always lease one. The monthly payments are a lot cheaper. You can also decide to renew personal car lease deals if you like them. If not, you might be able to afford to buy a new car that matches your needs by the end of the lease.

The only downside of leasing a car is the mileage limit. You have to return the car to the dealer at the end of the lease, as another person will continue using it. You can’t go beyond the limit set since the car might end up in terrible shape.

For every mile over the allowance, you will pay an excess fee. It could also get deducted from the amount you paid as a bond at the beginning of the lease. If you don’t want that to happen, these are some tips to stay below the limit.

Always check the mileage used

You can easily check how far you went in the car. It’s not difficult to look at the information on your car. You can also download an app that transfers the information to your phone. It’s easier for you to budget your use of the car if you can track your mileage use.

Don’t use the car for road trips and long-distance trips

If you intend to go on a vacation with your family, you can’t use the leased car. You can use public transportation or borrow someone else’s car. Long-distance trips will consume a lot of your mileage allowance, and only in a day or two.

Unless you’re close to the end of the lease, there’s no point in using the vehicle for long-distance trips. Besides, you will probably save more money using buses or trains than paying for gas.

Always have your car checked 

There are times when the mileage used isn’t clearly reflected on the dashboard. You think you’re still far from the limit when you’re not. Proper maintenance of the car would reveal these issues.

You can fix the problem, so you will have accurate readings in the future. The problematic reading could also be a sign of other mechanical issues. You need to get it checked as soon as you can.

Don’t drive at high speed

You’re not using your leased car for a racing competition. There’s no reason to drive at high speed. Maintain a reasonable speed until you reach your destination. Your vehicle could also consume more fuel with fast movement.

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about fuel consumption anymore. You know that you can maintain it until the end of the lease. You can get your bond in back in full.

At the end of the lease, you can decide if you will continue with the same dealer or buy a new car through another dealer.