Minnesota Wild Turkey Hunting: 5 Key Takeaways

Many Americans like to hunt wild game. They enjoy it for the sport, and some also like to eat the animals they shoot. Maybe the game you’ve found will make a nice entree if you can devise a recipe for it.

It’s time to look for Minnesota turkey season gear for hunting, as the birds are out there waiting for you. They practically overrun the state at this time of year, and getting out there after them can be a lot of fun.

Before you get your weapons ready and work out your strategy, though, we’ll run through a few aspects of Minnesota turkey hunting that you should know.

You Have Three Legal Methods to Register a Turkey

If you’re going turkey hunting, the rules vary a little bit from state to state. In Minnesota, you can legally register the turkeys you harvest in one of three ways.

You can do so online, or you can call the number 888-706-6367. The third way is to go to one of the registration stations. There are several of them all around the state, so if you choose to do it this way, find the one nearest to you and go there. Registering your turkey doesn’t take long.

Rules for Possession of a Harvested Turkey

It’s illegal to possess a wild turkey you have harvested outside of a wild turkey permit area where you found it. The only exception is if you are taking the bird directly to a registration station.

Some hunters like to play fast-and-loose with this rule. They might keep a harvested turkey for days before registering it.

It’s best not to do this. If you don’t take the bird right to a registration station, you risk a fine and suspension of your license.

You’re Not Restricted to One Permit Area

There are various permit areas in Minnesota where you can legally harvest wild turkeys. Once you have a turkey hunting license, you are not required to stay in a particular one.

However, you must give the registration station all of the relevant information regarding where you harvested a turkey if you show up with one.

Hunting with Dogs is Not Permitted

You can hunt certain forms of wild game in Minnesota with a dog. A turkey does not qualify, though.

Again, some hunters will attempt to get around this rule if they have a favorite hunting dog they like to use to flush out game. It’s best to avoid this temptation if you don’t want to be fined and have your license revoked.

You Must Use Approved Firearms or Bows

There is also a list of approved bows and guns that you can use to try and harvest wild turkeys in Minnesota. Refer to that list before you go out hunting. If you try to use a gun or bow that’s not on the list, that can get you in legal trouble as well.

Turkey hunting can be a great pleasure for Minnesota residents if they follow the rules.