Best Mobile App For Prayers

Prayers are the most important spiritual exercise we as Christians engage in. It is like the building block of our walk with God. Apart from the fact that it is our way of communicating with God, it is by praying that we build intimacy with our creator and settle all manner of controversies. Prayer changes situations and best of all, changes you.

Why should I pray?

It is God’s will that we should pray. He shows us clearly from His Word that men ought always to pray and not to faint. God desires that we talk to Him about anything and everything we face, as well as pray for others. He longs for the intimacy that spending time communicating with a person brings to your relationship with the person.

Prayer gives you strength when you’re weak, and hope in dark times. Prayer helps you discipline yourself and creates room for the supernatural in your life. Prayer is so powerful and important that Jesus did it a lot. He modeled a life of prayer for us because He knew how important it was to His life, His ministry, and of course, eventually our lives. He knew how hard it would be to live a life without prayer.

But as important as prayer is, not a lot of people do it. We as believers seem to have a long list of things we have to pray for or ask God for, some of us genuinely want to just sit and talk to Him but don’t get round to it.

Sometimes, because of a busy schedule, we just mumble a few words and just get right on with life. Some people just don’t know where to begin or how to communicate their hearts to God so they just give up entirely. Whatever the problem may be, we have the best solution for it. A Christian mobile app.

Why do I need a Christian mobile app?

All Christian mobile apps are carefully built in ways that will help your Christianity and improve your walk with God. Many of them come with features that carefully help you organize your prayer life. Some help you build your knowledge and study of the Word of God alongside.

Some have a lot of resources like sermons, devotionals, or messages that improve your knowledge of God, who you are, and all that is at your disposal as a Christian. Others also have written prayers that you can pray each time according to you what you are praying for, or what your needs may be.

A few at the same time connect you with a community of fellow Christians to help you get accountability. A Christian mobile app is almost like a personal assistant dedicated to helping your self-development spiritually. It is a must-have.

Which prayer app is best?

We’ve seen a lot of mobile apps as there are a lot to choose from on the app stores, but for us, the Blessify app is easily the best one out there. Blessify has everything you could ever need to take your prayer life to the next level. Let’s start with the amazing worship songs on the app that you can listen to at any time of the day to help you stay connected to God.

It connects you with fellow believers, helping you share your faith, get help when you are struggling, get motivation when you feel alone, get accountability in your life to achieve goals, have your faith stirred with the wonderful testimonies, have people who will pray with you and for you and a whole lot of other benefits that come with a closely-knitted Christian community.

Can we also talk about the beautiful prayers on the app that could either serve as a guideline when you don’t know how to pray or prayers from your heart when you just can’t come up with the words? The app has prayers for everything you could be going through at any time. Another pro of these beautiful prayers is that you can access them anytime because the app is absolutely free.

Other features we love are the evening stories that help you run away from daily stress, meditate and focus on God’s goodness. Anxiety and depression are alleviated when you are constantly reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life and gratitude takes their place. There are also a ton of sermons and messages on the app that you can just plug in your ears at any time of the day and learn about God on the go.

Blessify also has the full Bible and gives you a daily verse so you can easily memorize and hide God’s Word in your heart in little chunks.

We’d describe Blessify as better Christianity with a mobile app.

How can I get the Blessify app?

The app is available for free download on Play Store and your iOS app Store. Click here to download.

How can I pray properly?

Many people struggle with boredom in prayer or simply feel that they don’t pray rightly. Well here are a few tips that will help you pray better.

1) Pray Simply

A lot of people tend to opt for high-sounding or fancy words when they pray, so they end up focusing on how they sound and not on whom they are praying to. It’s easy to get frustrated that way. Don’t forget that you are talking to your Father, so talk to Him as easily as you would talk with anyone else. Use simple words that will help you focus on God better.

2) Ask the Holy Spirit for help

Many people downplay the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer. We see Him as just a force or a power that helps us perform wonders. In actual fact, the Bible calls Him our Helper and Teacher. When you feel tired or don’t have the right words, He supplies strength and prays through you.

As the Bible puts it, we do not know how to pray as we ought to but He makes intercessions through us. Each time you want to pray, ask Him to help you. He responds to your invitation.

3) Pray over verses

The Bible is literally God’s Word and He talks to us with it. Instead of having a one-way conversation by doing all the talking, read verses while you pray to allow God to speak to you and pray over what you read especially in times when you feel down. Praying with verses that assure you of God’s faithfulness builds your faith in such dark times.

4) Pray sincerely

God looks more at your heart than your words. Let your words come from and match your heart. Be sincere when you pray.

5) Make prayer an integral part of your daily life.

The only way to build a better prayer life is by praying. The more you pray, the more you see how to.

The Blessify app’s prayers are simple and will help you build a prayer habit. It also works for everyone and with every schedule, so with Blessify, you just have to pray better. So take that bold step and decide you want a better prayer life. God is waiting.