Why Mobile Applications Are Something You Can’t Live Without

Mobile applications have impacted human lives in several ways and mobile app developers are still not resting on their oars. Mobile apps are what make smartphones indispensable. They have made life a whole lot easier. There’s virtually no area of life that mobile applications have not touched. This article outlines some of the applications of mobile apps as a way of underscoring their indispensability.

Health and Fitness

For several years now, weight loss has been the hottest topic in the fitness niche and the trend may not change soon. One reason for this is that losing weight is no longer only for health reason. It is also a fashion trend. The good thing is that there are several mobile apps that have been helping people lose weight. Noom and Weight Watchers seem to be the most popular ones in this niche.

If you are also planning to lose or maintain your weight, either of them should be helpful, but you may need to carry out a research on Noom vs Weight Watchers to be able to select the one that is more suitable for you. Each of them has its pros and cons. More importantly, you must include regular exercises and proper diet to the equation.


There are so many retail apps through which people are now shopping from the comfort of their homes. Indeed, why should you drive to a physical store when you can browse through an online store place your orders on your couch while taking a cup of coffee? The best part is that, your package will be delivered to your doorstep. Mobile applications have made shopping easier and faster.


Now, every bank has its mobile app. Once you have your bank’s app on your phone, you can transfer funds, check your balance, confirm deposits, and even pay your utility bills through the mobile app. The best part is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. This is not only beneficial to customers. It is also beneficial to the banks because it reduces the number of customers that visit the banks on a daily basis.


This is the niche with the biggest number of mobile apps. There are so many types of game apps that are immersive, challenging, and will keep the players on the edge of their chair. In fact, many of them are addictive. There are car racing games, military action games, puzzle games, and many more. The stunning graphics of these game apps will make it difficult for you to drop them once you start playing.

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There are several car-sharing apps like Taxify and Uber that have reduced the necessity of having your own car. You can always have one of their drivers pick you up anytime. They will also drop you at your destination. These mobile applications have made transportation much easier.

Home Appliances

These days, most new home appliances come with their mobile apps too. Air conditioning units, TV sets, microwave ovens, refrigerators, water coolers, baby swings, garage door openers, security alarm systems and many other appliances can now be controlled with your phone through their mobile applications.

It is important to remind you that these are few niches where mobile applications have impacted. There are many other areas that were not mentioned here. Nevertheless, the few applications of mobile apps discussed above are enough to convince anyone on the indispensability of mobile applications.