7 Modern Fireplace Designs To Fill Your Home With Style

Fireplaces are an excellent way to add more style to your space. A fireplace provides comfort and warmth, as well as a strong focal point. If you don’t have one at home, you can easily install a modern electric fireplace.

Here are some cutting-edge fireplace designs you want to consider adding to your home. They will be sure to fill your home with style!

1. Frameless Indoor Fireplaces

You will often notice indoor frameless fireplaces in modern-style homes. The design is sleek, offering a consistent focal point in the room. Many people will install the frameless fireplace in a solid stone or marble wall. Additionally, you can also surround the appliance with tile.

The newest trends include using a clear fireplace, so you can see through to the other side of the room. This feature works well when the decoration obstructs your line of sight since it helps to make the room feel more connected.

Many people also choose not to use a fireplace mantel with this design. That way, the entire area is flat and clear of distracting edges. Overall, this design works well in modern homes.

2. Large Fireplaces

Next, more people are choosing large, noticeable fireplaces over other designs. You can choose something elegant that captures the attention of all your guests. Massive stone fireplaces are stunning and provide a rustic appearance in your modern-style home.

Many people choose to place electric models in their grand fireplace. Since they are so massive, cleaning them would be a hassle- making an electric fireplace the best alternative.

Large fireplaces look best in homes that have high ceilings. They make your space look larger since they draw the eye up the chimney. However, you could also have the fireplace be longer in width, which works great in short but wide rooms.

No matter what you decide, a bold fireplace in your home will be sure to get a lot of attention while making your room feel more modern.

3. Dual-Sided Fireplaces

Since you are paying to have a fireplace installed, it makes sense that you want as much use out of your new purchase as possible. You can try a dual-sided fireplace in those cases. They can be any size and are an outstanding modern feature.

The dual-sided aspect allows you to get even more use out of it. You could have the opposite side in another room or facing outside. That way, you could use the model both indoors and outdoors.

Many people appreciate the versatility of having a dual-sided fireplace. You can have fun outside in the summer, but still, use the fireplace to warm your room in the chilly winter months. No matter what climate or area that you live in, having fires in different locations is always a great idea.

4. Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are amazing- they add modern features to your home without a high cost. They are energy efficient, and there’s no mess to deal with either. You won’t need to learn how to clean a fireplace when you go with this option.

Many people enjoy having wall-mounted fireplaces since you can install them just about anywhere. Interior designers often place their wall-mounted setup under TVs or art, helping to make your space feel even more modern. You also will be sure to appreciate the realistic flames, which you can style in different colors.

The best features of these fireplaces are they take up very little space- you can attach them to any wall of your choosing. Some people have them placed in recesses, which makes them appear flat against the wall.

No matter how you want to install your electric fireplace, you will be sure to love it! They come with several benefits and look just like real fireplaces. You can also check the wholesale gas fireplaces if you want a real one.

5. Frame With Mirrors

If you want to make your space even more unique, try framing the mantel with mirrors. This modern design trend makes the space feel more open around the mantel. It helps to better distribute natural light around the room.

For those who enjoy DIY projects, you could add this feature yourself. You would want to measure the area around the mantel and then install the mirror segments like tiles. The effect is very pleasing when you have a fire going.

6. Kitchen Fireplaces

Today, adding a fireplace to your kitchen is a modern statement. These appliances look lovely and provide a traditional feel to the room. You will want to make sure you have seating in the kitchen, so you and your family can enjoy the warm flames while you have dinner.

If you are worried about space in the kitchen, adding a small electric fireplace should be no problem. The appliance will take up very little room hanging on your wall- leaving you plenty of space to cook and prep food.

You can even use some kitchen fireplaces for cooking food, making it a more versatile option.

7. Color Block Fireplaces

This design is pretty easy to achieve at home. You will want a frameless fireplace. Then, surround it with a solid block of color on the wall. This DIY project is simple, especially if you enjoy painting.

Those who add a color block wall to their home usually do so to add more personality. It creates a strong focal point within the room, especially with the fireplace there too. You can also match several decorations to the color of your block, then space them out within the room.

Doing so will help make the color block feel more intentional and brings the entire room together better. Plus, if you already have an old fireplace, you can touch it up yourself with paint.

Add Modern Touches

Most fireplaces are considered modern, so they easily add more style to your rooms. However, you can also decorate around them with modern decorations. Doing so will ensure that your visitors understand the design theme you are going for.

Overall, you will want to add modern touches throughout the room. That way, you can enjoy a cohesive sense of style with your new fireplace.