6 Most Profitable Home Businesses You Can Venture Into

Looking for a home business that generates substantial income, requires less amount of money and allows you to be close to your family? If your answer is yes, then all you need is the willingness to work hard and a motivation to excel.

Entrepreneurship is a risky path, there’s no doubt about that; but it offers several lifestyle benefits such as being your own boss, probabilities of reaping significantly better amount of money, and increased chances of success. The zeal to work hard is already present, the only pertinent question now is which business idea will be the best?

Most Profitable Home Businesses

A home business idea needs to be lucrative and must have a market. It should be simple enough to start alone with less capital, and must be driven by your passion and clear understanding. If you fulfill all these pre-requisites to start a business and have the resolve to go ahead despite all odds, the following six business ideas may help you achieve your reverie.

1. Freelancing

FreelancingNumerous people start freelancing to earn extra cash. After a while, some leave because it’s a lot of work, others leave because there’s not much work, and very few go on to leave their full-time job to venture into freelancing as the main career option.

These people who start freelancing as their mainstream business have a vision. They’ve overcome the imposter syndrome of believing that they can’t or won’t do it. Freelancing is only for those who overcome this mental hurdle and are ready to be patient with it.

A freelancing business can be set up as a limited liability company or can even be started in partnership as a corporation. Most people prefer starting as a limited liability company as it allows them to enjoy the benefits of a company sans the complexities of a corporation.

As a freelancer, there’s a lot of scope when it comes to selecting the type of business one wants to do as a freelancer. From being a content writer, an English teacher, a photographer, an interpreter, or a consultant to becoming an NGO worker and even a Yoga instructor, a freelancing business offers a wide umbrella of opportunities.

2. Selling Online

Selling OnlineThe Internet has truly revolutionized our lives in every possible way. Things that were unimaginable a few years back are proving to be a great source of earning for millions of people all over the world.

Internet-based establishments are one of the most convenient forms of business as they give the freedom of having the entire business setup inside one laptop. Several aspects of the business can be based on the cloud and therefore, there is no need to spend on an office space (at least in an initial phase).

The most important aspect of this business is deciding what to sell. The basic idea is to identify a gap and fill it. Internet space sells almost everything under the sun. People having a knack for art sell paintings online, home chefs sell packed meals, even woodwork artists are earning good money by selling their work online.

The business of online selling mainly depends on the reputation of your product with the customers. As this form of sales lacks the elements of touch and feel, there are less margins of errors and increased risks. But at the same time, online selling involves huge volumes of sale and better chances of profitability.

Although it is extremely easy and cost-effective to create your own website with a payment portal and start selling, it involves a lot of SEO and marketing efforts for prospective buyers to find your website and purchase from it.

Alternatively, online selling can be done through commercial shopping websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. While these commercial websites have their own terms and conditions, which may reduce the seller’s profit to an extent, they offer a global platform for showcasing the product and relieve sellers from the hassles of marketing.

3. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate AgentA real estate agent (broker) is a middleman between the buyer and seller of property. Real estate agents are responsible for finding a property seller and an ideal buyer interested in buying that property.

In return for their services, they receive a percentage of the selling amount as commission. It is one of the most lucrative businesses across the world and many people do this work alongside their regular jobs.

Every country and state has a specific law for such agents. In order to work as a real estate agent, one must receive a registered license to operate. The best part about being a real estate agent is the fact that it allows you to schedule your own convenient work hours, and the pay that comes in the form of commission percentage is usually quite high.

There are other facets to the real estate business besides being an agent, such as starting a property development firm or a property management company. For smaller investments, there is landscaping business, lawn care business, real estate advisory, or consulting business as well.

4. Tutoring

TutoringThe demand for tutors is always high and starting a private tutoring business isn’t a complicated process. In fact, it is one of the most profitable businesses to start from home. If you have a knack for making difficult concepts easy-to-understand and have a passion for imparting knowledge, tutoring can be your ticket to a profitable business.

Tutoring business can be started both online and offline. Tutors with the right skills and experience can look forward to immense opportunities. With the help of the Internet, tutors can sit at one end of the world and teach students on the other end without any difficulty, thanks to the myriad of online tools available.

Private tutoring industry is expected to reach an estimated figure of a whopping $102.8 billion by the end of 2018 and this includes offline tutoring as well. The traditional method of sitting with one or more students and helping them in keeping up with studies, passing specific career exams or preparing for advanced education offers a unique personal approach that never fails.

Initially, starting out as a tutor may require the person to go to the student’s place or call them to one’s own place. If you already have a few students, starting commercially by renting a space is also a great idea.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantOne of the easiest ways to work from the comfort of your home is to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are skilled, experienced professionals offering their services to companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Opportunities as a virtual assistant are endless and depend on your skills, expertise, and training.

Virtual assistants are hired for almost all remotely possible tasks such as email correspondence, blog management, proofreading, scheduling appointments, project management, graphic designing, event planning, social media management, customer service, technical support, Internet research, event planning and more.

As a virtual assistant, you can either choose to set up your own business or work from home as an employee. Both have their own pros and cons. As an employee, you don’t have to invest any time or money to search for clients, but your work hours, pay, and scope of work will be preset. As a business, this field offers flexibility of working hours and pay, but earnings may fluctuate as client stability and the duration of projects varies.

6. Rental Business

Rental BusinessFrom equipment renting to room-on-rent, renting has mushroomed into a profitable business opportunity worldwide. Almost everything is available for rent today. Even if you have camping equipment or a portable hot tub, renting them out can fetch you good money on a regular basis.

Vehicles, furniture, rooms, property, party supplies, and even daily use items for rent are in high demand and are proving to be a profitable venture for those interested in taking it up as a business.

The start-up cost of rental business can be quite high, depending on the products involved. These costs can be reduced by opting for second-hand purchases and if needed, refurbishing them.

People can make money by renting out portable toilets, medical equipment, formal wear and costumes, and even artificial flowers and other decorative items. The opportunities are endless, and the only things needed are the right mindset and the readiness to adapt and learn.


Small business ideas have immense earning potential as they share relatively low entry barriers and offer greater flexibility. Escaping the rat race of the nine-to-five job isn’t easy. It requires a zeal to keep pursuing dreams irrespective of the hurdles in the way. Remember, there’s no backup plan for success, but just the undying urge to keep going ahead.

Deciding upon a good idea isn’t a static process; it embroils a lot of trial and error. Give your idea the gift of time, research through its pros and cons, and only after you’re sure that the business idea is good enough to fuel your driving force for success, go ahead with it and don’t look back.