How to Use Moth Traps at Home

Moths can be very bothersome, especially if they keep attacking your clothes; you’ve been waiting for a big job interview all year, then finally, the night before, you prepare your favourite tailored suit and what do you find? Moths, moths have been attacking your suit and now it looks like a chunk of Emmental cheese!

Enter the moth trap! Moth traps are fantastic inventions that draw moths toward it so it can trap them and kill them.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using moth traps which will be outlined below, but one thing is for certain, if you are struggling with a population of moths, whether clothes moths or otherwise, the only and best solution is to put a bunch of moth traps around your home and try to catch them before they catch your clothes, or just annoyingly buzz into your lightbulbs!

Do Moth Traps Work?

Moth traps do have a very high success rate, but not for the reason you think.

When you are using carpet moth traps, or a pheromone clothes moth trap, the trap will catch the moths, no question about it, but ordinarily the moths will lay their eggs somewhere else, and they do so a lot, so that by the time you have caught one population of moths, another population is growing equally as fast, so it is a perpetual cycle.

You will have caught one litter, another litter takes their place, and so on goes the pattern, which can make it very difficult to take out an entire population being reliant on the traps alone.

What Are the Benefits?

If you can isolate and exterminate the only male clothes moth that has entered your property, you will be largely successful in culling their population and preventing the infestation.

However, that is very unlikely, so what is more likely than that is that they will spread, the larvae will hatch, and you will be well and truly infested. Moth traps work positively because they can target and isolate the only breeding members of the population, therefore preventing the spread of larvae and cutting off the breeding supply.

Even if the traps do not work in completely eradicating the moth population, they are very good for helping to determine to the extent of your clothes moth infestation during the summer months.

By using moth traps you will be able to isolate and identify how many moths you roughly have active, and how large their population is. Clothes moths are very small and very discreet, so it is unlikely you will ever see them unless they are caught in your traps.

So How Do I Get Rid of Moths?

The best way to get rid of moths, unfortunately, is professional treatment. Moth traps work to identify the numbers, which is brilliant and fundamental, as they work to tell you if you even have an infestation, or if you just have a few moths flying about and no significant population. So first, get the moth traps in place so you can prepare yourself properly, then hire professional help.

You should always inspect your clothes, especially in the summer months, for any signs of clothes moths. They can completely ruin an item of clothing and leave it virtually unusable or fixable.