Motherhood Doesn’t Have To Be End Of Your Freedom: 5 Ways How

You live life only once, so you better live it to the fullest. And, to all the women out there, being a mother for the first or the second time is a beautiful experience!

Motherhood is a new phase of every woman’s life but that doesn’t mean it marks the end of your personal or professional life. Absolutely not.

However, unfortunately, motherhood is a thankless job. You are stuck between folding laundry and changing diapers in the initial days, to then driving them to school and driving them back, to tutoring them and cooking for them later. Motherhood is not something you can take for granted.

This is why, or where, most women indulge in thinking that motherhood is the reason why they couldn’t reach the success they aspired to be. I can’t totally deny it. It is true in a few ways. But if you are questioning, whether it’s the end of your freedom, here’s your answer: NO. Definitely NO. Keep reading to know how:

1. You Can Still Continue To Be A Corporate

If you are thinking that after being a mother, you will have to quit your job to keep up with the duties of the newborn, you are not wrong. This was how things used to be, earlier, but it’s 2021 and things have changed. Fortunately, for the better.

You can still earn paychecks, follow your passion, do your business, and everything else even after being a mother. More and more moms across the globe are doing it, and you can too.

But, here’s the most asked question: will your professional life be the way it was before? Well, I won’t make any fake promises, changes are bound to happen especially after you have transitioned to another stage of your personal life.

But it does not mean it will change for the worse, it can also change for the better.

2. Stay at Home, If You Want to

Well, now that it is possible to work, doesn’t mean you have to go to work. It is your decision, and if you want to stay around your kids, you aren’t answerable to anyone.

So, stop justifying yourself about why you did what you did. Only you know how it felt to nurture that soul within you, so no one can question you. Stop being indecisive and stick to the decisions you make. Stay true to your gut!

3. Invest in Good Baby-products

As a new mom, your emotions are already on a roller coaster ride, don’t make it more difficult for yourself. Buy baby products that can make your daily tasks easier. From cots to strollers, to baby seats to accessories, make sure you have everything that’s needed.

If you invest wisely in products, this will also reduce your mother-duties and help you focus on your profession. To begin with, you can check out the products listed at

4. Stay in Touch with Yourself

A new mom, whether you are a stay-at-home or a corporate living 9-5, there’s a lot that you need to do. This is exactly when you start living for others and in the process, neglect yourself. However, it can do more harm than you have ever imagined.

So, don’t stop doing what you love. This can be anything – your corporate life, blogging, meeting with colleagues and friends, or anything else that makes you happy!

5. Don’t Get Stuck in the Blame-game

Wherever you are in life right now is because of your OWN choice. Remember this. Whether you chose to be a stay-at-home mom or a corporate working 9-5, it was your choice. Don’t blame it on society or families or even your partner. Own up to your decisions and take action to create the life that you want.

Over to You…

In the end, let me wrap it up with one last tip: Live your life with no regrets, no matter what. If you are still indecisive about what you want in life as a “new-Mom”, take your time and then make a decision.

Remember, there’s nothing stopping you. Infact, you are now more powerful with the little one in your arms. Just be determined to live life to its fullest, no matter what!