7 Amazing Mother’s Day Necklaces You Should Know About

Gifting someone important to you is an act of gratitude, appreciation, and love. This is especially true in the case of celebrating a special day for one of the most special people in a person’s life, their mother.

And since jewelry has always been the go-to accessory for women, giving your mother a necklace on mother’s day will surely give the day more meaning to her. It is a simple token to remember the day by and there are actually a lot of options when choosing what kind of necklace to give. There are seven amazing Mother’s Day necklaces that you should know about. 

Mother’s Charm

A necklace can have a greater meaning when you put a charm that would specifically symbolize her greatest role in your life. A special and symbolic charm you can get for your mother is one with a smaller heart enclosed in a bigger one to signify a mother and her child.

There are charms with mother silhouettes in them if you want a more straightforward message. You may also choose a tag pendant and have it engraved with a special message for her. 

Locket Necklace

Having a locket which opens to a picture of your family would bring delight and a nice surprise for your mother. Choose a picture that will surely melt your mother’s heart- it could be old family pictures, baby photos of you and your siblings or her old photos way back when she was younger. You can also just give her the locket and make her decide which photo she wants to put in it. 

Name Necklace

Name necklaces have become a trend nowadays since it has been big in the fashion industry. You could order a custom name necklace that bears your mother’s name or nickname. If you want, you may also choose other words including mom or mother or your other terms of endearment for her to make it more fitting to the occasion.

Crystal Pendants

If your mother is a believer of healing or energy crystals then she will surely love receiving a crystal pendant she can wear around her neck. Choose a crystal that is relevant to her needs like energy, healing, and anti-stress crystals.

There are recommended crystals for mothers which are for love, strength, and perseverance. You can also choose a necklace with a combination of beautiful crystals for her. If you are unsure, you can still resort to buying her birthstone instead or that of her favorite color. 

Mother of Pearls

Pearls are a classic necklace piece for women which they can use for formal events or parties. Befitting the occasion, a mother of pearl necklace would be a witty gift to your mom on mother’s day.

Most women like pearls because they are elegant looking and can be worn with anything. You may choose a pearl for a pendant or a full necklace studded with pearls. There are bracelets, rings, and earrings that can match a necklace too. 

A Gift Set

A jewelry set made of a necklace and complementary earrings or rings can be a great and extravagant way to show appreciation for your mom. Choose a set with her favorite color or choose something that can be worn with anything.

Mothers usually like collecting jewelry collections they can wear anytime. You may also find a necklace set for mothers and children. This is especially a great idea if you and your siblings are planning to make a sweet surprise for her.

DIY Necklace

You can always make a DIY necklace if you want a more personalized gift for your mother. Buy a special lace or chain and make a pendant out of a memorable object. If you frequent the beach, you may pick out a shell that you can use as a pendant.

You may also use old corks used in wines from previous celebrations, old memorabilia, or any trinket that has a special memory attached to it. It becomes more special if it is from a special moment in her life. A popular DIY project is making a resin art made of petals or smaller flowers.

There could be a lot of ideas you can think of that would show how much you value your mother. You can also find some gift ideas like mothers ring collections from Story Jewellery. Although nothing you can ever buy or make will equate how you feel about them, giving a token as a symbol can remind them of your affection. These are just simple ideas but will have a great impact and meaning when you celebrate mother’s day.