The World Continues To Mourn Diego Maradona

There was one death that shook nearly the entire world. Diego Maradona passed away earlier this week of natural causes at the age of 60. Maradona was considered one of soccer’s greatest soccer players of all time for his cunning edge. However, after a long life of drug and alcohol abuse, it appears that the long term effects caught up to him.

Among Argentina, the entire world mourned the loss when the news was released. Right up with Pele of Brazil, Maradona is an icon of soccer. For those outside of Argentina, how did this loss affect them?

Loss Of An Icon

If anyone ever needed a bet on the best online casino or any other platform, Maradona was one of the safest plays of all time. The ball seemed to listen to every movement set forth by Maradona. It was watching brilliance but in the form of movement. Maradona could dribble, pass, or take the deep shot. Whatever he wanted, the ball was going to follow.

Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup in 1986, scoring the most controversial goals against England. During that time, there was tension between the two countries. As the second half began, Maradona slid a short pass to a teammate six minutes into the half. The ball landed with England midfielder Steve Hodge who tapped the ball back to the goalkeeper, but it was Maradona who punched the ball into the net.

Instead of his head, Maradona used his left fist, which is illegal, and is still talked about to this day. Maradona eventually scored another goal naturally as the 2-1 win sent Argentina to the finals with Germany.

The Master

The World Cup gets more attention than someone who will watch the world series of poker. Making the finals is more than money, but about respect from your peers around the planet. In 1986, when Argentina defeated Germany 3-2, it was almost like Maradona dominated every aspect of the tournament. He nearly did it again in 1990, leading the team to a rematch with the Germans, only to finish runner-up that year.

During the 1990 World Cup, the Italians booed Maradona every time he touched the ball because Argentina eliminated Italy. That’s who Maradona was. He was the most praised player when he was on your team, but hated when he played your team. It’s funny how that always works out against the best players in the sport. That’s how the greats are born and he was the best.

After Soccer

Since dominating soccer, Maradona has seen a slew of health problems. He was hospitalized for a weakened heart and acute breathing problems in 2004. He has received treatment for alcohol abuse, as well as gastric bypass surgery.

In 2014, Maradona confirmed that he abused drugs while he was playing and wondered what kind of soccer player he could have been if he didn’t abuse them. While his personal life was another story, one has to appreciate what he did on the soccer field. We lost a legend, and that is who we should remember.