What Movies and Online Casinos Have in Common

Does the title confuse you? That’s great because we have your attention.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the relationship between cinematography and online gambling.

How do these two industries relate, and do they really? Are films actually similar to online casinos?

The answers to these, and a few other questions, can be found below.

Why We Need Entertainment

The need for entertainment stems way back to ancient times. The earliest form of entertainment was storytelling. People have always been fond of fiction, drama, and learning through stories. But it was only with the appearance of cinema that these narratives were incarnated.

People need entertainment to saturate their most basic needs. We crave fun to feel relaxed, at peace with ourselves, and content. Entertainment is addictive in its most fundamental form. It causes our dopamine levels to skyrocket as we enjoy ourselves and even earn something.

This brings us to online gambling. The significant role of dopamine in gambling is causal, i.e. they can’t really go without one another.

In this sense, the two forms of entertainment bring uncanny similarities. They both exist to bring people delight, challenge them intellectually, and/or provide material benefit.

So, the answer to, “Why do we need entertainment?” can be both simple and metaphysical.

Namely, human beings need stimuli to produce happy hormones. On a chemical level, entertainment serves as fuel for happiness. On the other hand, entertainment has the power to distract our thoughts from everyday troubles, which is something we all need every now and then.

Similarities between Casinos & Movies

Other than being easily accessible forms of entertainment, films and gambling have other similarities. To keep things more accurate, we will be focusing on one-armed bandits, aka online slots.

First things first, both movies and casinos largely rely on the aesthetic qualities of their products.

When creating an online slot, software developers decide on a theme first. Is it going to be a summertime-themed slot, animal kingdom game, or a branded title? When that’s been sorted out, they move on to determining a style.

Generally speaking, online slot suppliers have a team of designers, so they can choose what style works for what game.

World-renowned directors such as Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino are famous for their memorable aesthetics. After seeing just one of their films, most viewers memorize their styles and hence recognize them the next time they see them on TV.

This similarity is perhaps overlooked by laymen, but it’s out there in plain sight. That said, anyone could draw a parallel between these two art forms.

Next up, serious plot-developing skills are required in both entertainment types. When writing for a movie, Tarantino is acclaimed for his non-linear storytelling. More or less, this is how spectators know they’re watching a Tarantino piece. Similarly, slot developers come up with so-called gamification, which is a storytelling device typical of online slots.

A skilled writer creates a story involving characters, the setting, conflict, and resolution. Needless to say, the player’s goal is to get to the latter as fast as possible.

Then, animators and programmers turn the storyline into a palpable, visible game that anyone could play for free or real money. In short, this is how slots are made. Also, this is how online slot machines and movies are the same.

Where to Play Movie-Themed Slots

Slot machines inspired by movies are the best of both worlds, aren’t they?

Luckily, legit online casinos cater to a wide variety of movie-themed slots that players play for real money. From the entire DC saga to standalone box office hits, online slots embody the most diverse films.

Casino expert websites such as CasinosOnline.com review movie-themed online slots. On this site, gamblers can read slot reviews and learn how to play. Through movie-slot descriptions and tutorials are also available for your convenience.

So, if mixing your two passions – gambling and le cinéma – sounds like a good idea, casinos have already done it for you.

However, make sure to gamble responsibly, and read the terms before placing real-money stakes on any game. Have fun playing movie-themed casino games!


In today’s world, it is all about combining different fields to make an almighty hybrid. In essence, that was how movie-themed casino games came to be. The players’ need for something more, something greater enticed industry leaders to come up with a solution.

Both types of entertainment exist to stimulate your senses and drive engagement.

So, now that you’re familiar with the relationship between show business and hobbies, you’re a step closer to figuring out what works for you.