6 Best Moving Tips for 2022

Moving usually isn’t all that fun, and most people are overwhelmed by the venture. However, it is still a part of life at times, and it must get done. For instance, workers sometimes get promotions or new jobs and move cross-country. Some homeowners decide to sell their properties and downsize on other occasions.

Regardless of why individuals are moving, they want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Of course, various issues can arise along the way, making the situation difficult and stressful. That’s why you need help to tackle moving projects, which is precisely what you’ll get from these tips. 

1. Ship Your Car

When you have to relocate cross-country, you can always drive your vehicle. All you need to do is pack the trunk or bed full of belongings and take off if you wish. However, not all people are into that.

After all, long car trips can result in body aches and soreness. Not to mention, traveling might be dangerous if negligent motorists are on the roadways. Hence, get some quotes from car shipping companies and let a professional transport your ride.

Then, you won’t have to stay sitting in the driver’s seat for hours on end. Instead, professional movers will handle this aspect of the relocation, and you’re free to travel as you like. For example, you could always take a plane and reach the destination in half the time. Or, are you afraid of heights? Perhaps a train ride would be a better fit if that’s the case.

2. Use Old Clothes

Packing for a move can be quite a chore. Not only that, but the task can get expensive because of all the packaging materials people have to buy. 

Do you have old clothing that you are going to give away? Use shirts, shorts, and other garments as packaging materials. These pieces are free because you already own them, and you can still give them to charity. Just wait until after you get to your new home and unpack. 

3. Hire a Mover to Pack/Unpack

Don’t fret if you don’t feel like packing and unpacking everything because you are not alone. Many people hate these tasks as they seem way too much like chores. However, you don’t necessarily have to do them if you don’t wish to. Full-service movers are often much more than muscle, and they often offer packing and unpacking services. So, if you’re not all about those deeds, consider hiring cross country movers to take care of your move from top to bottom.

4. Don’t Forget Marks and Labels

Something else you’ll want to do is put marks and labels on all the boxes. Then, if you take a do-it-yourself approach to the move, that will make unpacking a cinch. You’ll be able to carry boxes to specific rooms and unpack them directly. That will speed up the process in general. In addition, you can keep your eyes on valuables to ensure they don’t go missing with labeling.

Or, if you don’t want anyone passing by to know what’s inside the boxes, making them easy targets, you could always implement a number or symbol system into the move. For instance, you can use a one or a star to indicate belongings inside a container to go in your bedroom. Meanwhile, a two or a square can tell you to take a box to the bathroom. That should make unloading and unpacking a cinch and stop thieves from targeting your belongings.

5. Make an Inventory List

While packing, it is an excellent idea to create an inventory list. It should include notes about receipts and serial/model numbers, but you’ll want to take photos of valuables, too. Having that information and those images on hand will make it easier to recoup some of the value of the items if you have to file an insurance claim.

6. Pack an Overnight Bag

If you rent a moving truck and drive cross-country, there’s a good chance that you won’t reach your destination in a single day. Therefore, you may have to stay at a hotel for a night or more. So, take the time to pack an overnight bag for this occasion. Its contents will vary from person to person, but common items packed in overnight bags include:

  • Medications
  • Clothing
  • Personal care toiletries
  • Phone and electronics chargers
  • Important papers and documents

You won’t want to be tired and groggy searching for something when sleeping is on your mind. But that could be in store for you without an overnight bag. Hence, if your move is approaching fast, why not go ahead and pack yours today? That will ensure it is packed and ready to go whenever the big day arrives. 

Final Words

Moving is a big ordeal, and it can get out of hand quickly if you let it. Thankfully, with tips like these, your move can go smoothly and hassle-free.