Music Festival Style: Try These Eye-Catching Statement Pieces for Men

It’s music festival season! Time to bust out your most eclectic and outrageous outfits and dance and jump to your favorite artists!

But what can you wear to stand out and be the talk of the festival?

Don’t worry we got you covered. In this post, we will dive into the most eye-catching pieces that any guy can wear to a music festival that will surely make them stand out and be vibing with the rest of the crowd!

Get ready to wear ponchos, crazy hats, festival meggings/festival leggings, and other crazy pieces and accessories.

1. Statement Jewelry

Statement rings, necklaces, and bracelets are a great way to make a fashion statement. They’re bold, eye-catching, and can be worn by men or women of all ages. If you’re looking for something that will help you stand out from the crowd and show off your personality, statement rings are probably what you need! You can mix and match your jewelry for a more eye-catching look, mix metals gold and silver, or different colored enamel or jade pieces!

2. Meggings

As much as music festivals are fun and exciting, they are also very tiring. If you want to stand out but still be able to jump and dance around for hours then meggings will be your best bet! Meggings work like any pair of leggings, they keep your legs warm, promoting blood circulation that can help you be able to stand in the crowd longer.

They can also help you stand out because festival meggings or festival leggings come in different great colors, prints, and materials that will surely make you pop out in a crowd! You will surely be asking “where to buy printed tights” by now. So make sure to have leggings festival outfits ready for your music festivals.

3. Ponchos

Yes, ponchos are making a comeback! Dating back to Coachella Vanessa Hudgens era when everyone wore boho-chic outfits, Ponchos are a great thing to have on hand or as your whole outfit! It’s an easy piece to wear on its own or with something underneath. They are also great for outdoor festivals, they can keep you warm as the sun sets but the music keeps on playing. Ponchos now come in more prints and colors as compared to the typical blocky and line design.

Even though the poncho is the most important piece of clothing for a festival, the music you listen to is just as important. Just as you carefully choose eye-catching statement pieces to show off your personal style, the choice of musicians and bands at a festival says a lot about the vibe and energy of the event.

You can find the perfect Musician for your event whether you’re an event planner looking for the next big act or a music fan looking for new sounds. Check out a wide range of talents that match your festival style’s flair and energy.

4. Hats

Hats can be basic, but let’s spice it up! Don’t just come to the festival in a basic baseball cap, go crazy and wear a cap with studs! Why not jazz up a cowboy’s hat? What’s even great about hats at a music festival is that they have multiple purposes. They’re not just for style, but of course, your hat will keep you protected from the sun, shade your eyes and be able to dance and party longer! Add this to your wardrobe of leggings festival outfits and you have a rocking fit check to wear for the occasion!

5. Specs

Eyewear is an easy statement piece that can be worn by anyone! Tinted glasses are all the rage now and are perfect for going to music festivals. A pair of tinted glasses will surely elevate your whole look! You can even go wilder and opt for tinted glasses that are shaped in flames, flowers, and other crazy things!

6. Bags

You may think that bags are the last thing you want to bring to a music festival, but let’s be real — you won’t survive with just the things in your pocket. So be a smart festival goer and bring a bag. But, it doesn’t have to be a basic bulky backpack, you can go for a more fashionable piece that will complement your outfit!

Instead of a basic backpack go for a fringed hobo bag for the hobo look, or go for a small leather backpack if you want to keep it sleek. Small bags like a wallet-on-chain would make a convenient go-to festival bag. Feel free to think out of the box and bring a bag that can carry all your essentials and still allow you to party the night away!

7. Grillz

If you really want people taking a second look at you, then why not get yourself some grillz to match with your hip-hop faves? Grillz comes in many shapes and designs that will surely complement your look. If you have the funds, you can have them customized for you! You can have them encrusted in diamonds or as simple as plastic or metal material.

8. Harnesses

Let’s take it up a notch and have you wear a spicy harness! Harnesses have become a great fashion piece in recent years. Gone are the days when you would only see them in the bedroom, a lot of men and even women have brought out this sexy piece as a garment and will surely make both the girls and boys have a second look at you! You can get a harness in plain leather, laced with boa feathers, or even bedazzled!

9. Ass-less Chaps

A lot have already done this, but that’s okay because that means many people can pull it off. Chaps are the ultimate music festival fashion piece that will surely make anything not just have a second look, but even stare and go “hot damn!”. Make sure that you get a pair that fits you well and doesn’t make you look blocky.

The first thing you need to understand is that music festivals are huge events with thousands of people attending each day–and even more arriving over the weekend!

This means there will be tons of eye candy everywhere, so it’s important that if you want attention from girls (or guys) to stand out in the crowd by wearing something eye-catching and unique.

That being said, there are times when you can use this event as an opportunity to try something new and outgoing.

If you’re looking for something a little different from your usual festival style but still don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone then take these suggestions in mind and enjoy your next music festival!

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