Music Relaxes Our Mind And Body: Here’s Why

Our busy modern lives can leave us extremely tense and stressed and so it is really important to find a way to relax and unwind. Listening to music can have real benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is actually also another reason why people in highly stressful cities like Singapore sign up for and enroll in classes for pianists so they can also learn the piano and music to de-stress.

Different kinds of music can have different effects on your mind, body, and mood, and are even used in music therapy to help people with a range of issues. Music manipulates our brain waves and our hormone levels which influence our mood.

This article will explore why music is so effective at helping to relax our mind and body.

What is the Science Behind Music and Relaxation?

We have an incredibly emotional and psychological attachment to music, but there are real scientific factors that make music so powerful. Music affects our brain waves which then affect our heart rate and chemicals released by our bodies.

Different kinds of music affect our brain waves in different ways which is why different genres and speeds of music create various emotions in us. Fast music helps us to become alert and more focused. Upbeat music creates an optimistic feeling. Slower music creates a feeling of calmness and helps us relax and feel less stressed.

The experts of told us that there are various types of brain waves, but that scientific studies have shown that the best brain waves help us relax our alpha brain waves.

There is now specially composed brainwave music which is created with the sole purpose of creating alpha brain waves and it has been shown to have incredible effects. Alpha brain waves have a frequency between 8-14 Hz and are created when listening to music which has about 60 beats a minute. Alpha brain waves help you relax, improve your concentration, memory, and promote the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that manages anxiety, happiness, and encourages a happy mood and positive outlook. 

What are the Best Types of Music to Relax?

As well as brainwave music, there are so many types of regular music that are fantastic for helping us to relax. In particular, music that incorporates traditional instruments is particularly effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Music that uses lots of string instruments, wind instruments like flutes and traditional horns, and traditional drums and percussion instruments is excellent for creating the ideal brain wave conditions for serotonin release and steady heart rate.

We all know that nature sounds are also great for promoting relaxation so meditation music that incorporates rain, whalesong, or other sounds of nature is also excellent. The most important factor, however, that will dictate whether a piece of music helps you relax is your personal musical preference.

We are all wired differently and so what is relaxing for you may not be relaxing for the next person. If you are trying to find music to help you relax, the best thing to do is a little trial and error and see what kind of effect different music has on you.

It’s important to note that some music can have the opposite effect and make you agitated, stressed, and negatively excited, so make sure you find the right kind of music for you. There may be occasions when you need to get through your emotions first before you can relax.

For example, if you are angry about something, it may help to listen to some heavier or more emotional music to help you express your emotions first before turning on some relaxing music. Whatever the case, headphones or smaller sized soundbars can provide immersive sounds to help you ease into a relaxed state.

Besides music, many other sounds can affect our mood and emotions.

What Other Sounds Help Us Relax?

Pollution can be very harmful to our short and long term emotional and mental health. Irregular, loud noises like construction work, metallic sounds, traffic, or babies crying all create negative feelings. Natural sounds on the other hand, as mentioned above, create positive emotions and a feeling of well-being and calmness.

Scientists have tested the effects of natural sounds on people and found that it can reduce anxiety by as much as 65%, especially when combined with light, peaceful music. 

Music is so great for relaxing our mind and body and especially with the busy lives we lead, it is so important for helping to manage stress and anxiety. The best way to ensure that you get the most benefits out of music is to listen to music with 60 beats a minute and that incorporates traditional music and sounds from nature.

If you are looking for the perfect music to relax to, try out some of the special new brainwave music as it may have some incredibly positive effects.