10 Must-Have Baby Products: Newborn To 6 Months

During the human lifespan, the infant stage is one that requires the most care and attention. So spending the time and effort to pick the right articles for your baby is absolutely essential. With an average cost of over $8,000 to raise a baby from scratch, you may realize how expensive this can get in the long run.

Thus, by remembering to buy the right products at the right time, you may save yourself a lot of future time and effort. This article covers some of the most essential tools to be kept at hand when bringing up a baby.

1. The Crib or Cradle

Buying a bed for your child is a requirement in every household. When buying a crib, ensure that it has suitable safety mechanisms that do not impair the child’s freedom of movement. Also, remember to use a suitable mattress for your crib, this mattress should be firm and flat.

Thankfully, cribs and cradles in the market today adhere better to the safety rules and regulations than any before.

Remember to purchase such products with the JPMA seal of approval given by the American Society of Testing and materials.

Finding the crib manufacturers who provide the most convenient drop off features might also be a big deal depending on where you live and how difficult the transport is going to be. So remember to put your convenience in mind.

2. The Baby Wardrobe

Finding the perfect clothes for your baby is one of the most fun parts of raising a child. Picking up the right clothes for your baby early on can save you a lot of trouble during days when you might have had to go shop for them otherwise. Here are what you will need to keep in your baby’s clothing collection:

  • A few onesies (envelope folds at the shoulders and snaps at the crotch)
  • Shirts (kimono-style with snaps or envelope folds at the shoulders)
  • A good number of pants (footies can be a great option)
  • Soft and simple one-piece pajamas
  • 2 – 3 rompers or other dress-up outfits
  • 1 – 3 sweaters or jackets (front buttoned)
  • 4 – 7 socks or booties (shoes are unnecessary until baby starts walking
  • 1 – 3 newborn hats (broad-brimmed for the summer or a soft cap that covers ears for a winter baby)
  • No-scratch mittens
  • 2 wearable blankets for the winter
  • A fleece suit for the winter
  • Stroller blankets
  • Gentle laundry detergent for cleaning these clothes without damaging them or bleaching color.

3. Baby Play Mat and Play Area

It is essential for new parents to buy a soft and durable play mat for their newborn. However, these tend to disturb the setting you are going for. Playmats by companies such as The Young Folk Collective are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Surely something to consider buying.

4. A Changing Table

These are especially handy in times of need. Make sure that any changing table you buy is sturdy and provides good resistance so that you won’t have to worry about messing up your baby’s next diaper change.

5. A Toy Basket

Your baby requires constant engagement to keep their mood up. So it is quite essential to remember to have a suitable toy basket for your toddler to keep their toys and expand creativity.

6. A Baby Bathtub

Having a bathtub as well as the paraphernalia to keep your baby clean without hurting their skin is crucial for every parent. A safe baby bathtub will allow you to let your toddler have fun with the water while reducing the risks of them getting themselves under the water.

7. Infant Car Seats

Having suitable car seats for your child will prove to be helpful especially if you are a family who likes to travel often. Remember to get one of these for your baby when traveling for their safety.

8. Baby Stroller

Whether it is to take your baby for a walk in the park or to keep your child safe with you when you go out, the baby stroller has got your back.

9. Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

Remember to buy enough bottles for your baby so as to be able to carry sufficient milk as well as replacements in the case that something happens to one of them. Pacifiers will be just as useful when the baby needs something to chew on or suckle when they are not hungry.

10. Baby Thermometer and Healthcare

Always remember to carry a baby thermometer for the cases where your baby’s temperature rises. Having a thermometer will help you understand how your child is doing and when it is suitable to take them to get the required medical attention.

By keeping these products in mind when baby shopping, you will ensure that your baby remains safe and happy throughout.